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Thread: TAO Fantasy Baseball 18'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanosuke View Post
    somebody do a 1/3rd of the season write up after this week and I'll give them a firm handshake and a pat on the butt, good game style.
    k. Expect one in a few hours.

    Nvm, I got way too detailed, expect more than a few hours lol
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    Detail is bueno

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    I will. I've been slacking hard on the power rankings because I'm a bitch like that.

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    1/3 of the season over. Ed if you're still doing it message me on FB. If not I'll type one up tonight.

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    Go for it sano. I was gonna write one yesterday but got a little busy.

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    Can the commish put Ozzie Albies in the guy who is inactive's lineup over Corey Seager who is on DL? He's like the hottest 2B and is wasting on an inactive teams bench while a 60 day DL guy starts at UTIL. Probably doesn't win anymore games, but at least holds a shot in hell.

    I think we have 10 teams and 8 playoff teams and if this goes on much longer only 1 active person fails to make playoffs so it snipes the competition a bit.

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    I'm mad he has Betts and Albies. Literally the best at their respective positions right now and he's not gonna do shit with his team.

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    To be quite honest, i'm 2 seconds away from assuming direct control of his team and just holding a "redraft" of his team to everyone else, I don't use the word much anymore, but he made this huge deal that he wanted to get into fantasy baseball and all this shit, then when he found out it was a free league, he didn't want in cause "that's not fun" and got drunk on the draft day, he literally acted like the biggest fuckboy faggot over it afterward to. I haven't talked to him since we drafted. Dude is legit dead to me, don't fuck up my league.

    Also 6 out of 10 make it Hulk. I had to lower it.

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    What's really fucked is I somehow still lost to him because my real life favorite players shit all over me (well, JD isn't really one of my favorite players yet, but he's certainly putting the work in to get there)..

    My team has just had some shitty luck to start the season. I feel like I'm due to reel off a solid few wins in a row at this point.

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    My team has been on fire lately and I don't think it's gonna slow down.

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