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Thread: TAO Fantasy Baseball 18'

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    Default TAO Fantasy Baseball 18'

    Getting a head count early. ESPN hasn't renewed leagues this year, I'll be sporadically contacting people during the following few weeks if you're still interested in being in the league and we can set up a draft time from there. Those who haven't been active will be replaced. No free wins this season. Feel free to respond to this thread if you'd like a spot or simply want to avoid me pestering you about your spot.

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    what's the format on this again? can we do yahoo by any chance instead of espn?

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    still interested

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    Im in no mater what. Im down to change the rules to somethin for philly this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greendaybum5 View Post
    what's the format on this again? can we do yahoo by any chance instead of espn?
    It was daily H2H, in an ideal situation, I'd like to keep it on ESPN, only because they are a lot faster to adjust for changing positions / multi position player adjusts and adding minor league players on 40 mans for future callups.

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    I don't think I can play since ill be in afghanistan the entire baseball season. sorry

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    Gonna skip these year, sorry.

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    i can try depending on how early the draft is but idk

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    You can count me in as usual

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