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Thread: TAO Fantasy Baseball 18'

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    Thanks! This is the first fantasy league of any sport I've ever won. I've been playing for 10 years lol.

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    Kinda irritated I had the second best team in the league all season to get bounced in the first round, but congrats hulkster

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    I felt bad for Gryph, his team was so dominant the whole season and then took a dump in the playoffs. Im just glad Dino didnt win with his auto drafted team.

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    I am happy that when I won I was the league high score every week of the playoffs, makes it feel better than a what if so and so bombed a week and changed the brackets.

    edit: funny enough Dino was the 2nd highest score every week of the playoffs.

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    Ya, I woulda beat him had I not accidentally cut price.

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    it annoyed the fuck outta me that I beat Hulky in every single category except ERA and W lol, regardless congrats.

    I've been thinking about ways to customize the league a little better, either making it more competitive / in depth.

    So far I'm leaning towards 2 week matchups for playoffs, adding another DL slot (forgot this year, that was a my bad), also potentially limited free agent pickups to a weekly reset, so you can't just drop half your team in a single day (I've had this happen to me and also abused it myself, all of us are guilty of this lol) as well as tweaking the batter / pitching totals.

    If ESPN / Yahoo don't allow these things to go down, maybe we can move to Otto? iirc they have a lot more customization options there I'll try my best to not have fuckboys who arent active and say they will be from the league the following year as well.

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    Having a DL slot isnt too important for me personally, but Id be fine either way. The 2 week playoffs would be really nice though. I don't really care for the max moves per week though, we already have a player and pitcher start max, I don't mind having someone who's crazy enough to micro manage their team that much. I do it all the time

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    2 week long playoff matches is good too because teams start tapering their aces innings count depending on standings. More than 1 DL slot would be nice tho.

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    I got dicked really hard early on in this season and kind of lost interest toward the end, but I will be back in full force next season. Maybe I'll even remember to draft a team with some decent SP depth next time around..

    Congrats on the win, Hulky, you deserve it.

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