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Thread: TAO Fantasy Baseball 18'

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    1B - Miguel Cabrera - DL
    2B - DJ LeMahieu - DL
    SP - Madison Bumgarner - DL
    SP - Noah Syndergaard - DL
    SP - Johnny Cueto - DL

    plz let my team live

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    Lol damn. I thought my injuries were bad.

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    6 win streak? 6 win streak.

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    I feel bad for Ima. His team isn't that bad, but seems like he can't catch a break. I've been kinda lucky I think. Good shit Sano.

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    Quick notes : To any owners of Nationals and Yankees players, I will be monitoring the Yankees - Nationals "resumed" game.

    ESPN is not allowing scoring to be held for this week (it was suspended May 22nd iirc) so I'm making that week and will be adjusting scoring for the league.

    As of right now the changes are as follows :
    Gryph : + 12.7 (Juan Soto 2 Run Home, Strikeout Gary Sanchez Double, Giancarlo Stanton Strikeout, Strikeout Adam Eaton Strikeout, Sean Doolittle Strikeout, Strikeout, Flyout, Save)
    Mistretta : - 0.3 (Didi Gregorious Strikeout
    Spencer : + 1.5 (Daniel Murphy Walk, Run Scored)
    Veil : +0.2 (Aaron Judge Walk, strikout)
    Midge : +0.7 (Trea Turner Double, Anthony Rendon Strikeout)
    Ima : +.1 (Bryce Harper Walk, Caught Stealing)
    Hulky : +.5 (Gleybor Torres Single)

    When the game concludes, scoring will be adjusted for the appropriate week (May 21st - 28th matchup) This will not and should not affect any outcomes of the games, however due to the weirdness of fantasy baseball, there might be potential for a tied team record mess with total points to determine seeding. Will keep you posted if anything strange happens further after the conclusion of the game.

    *End Public Servant announcement*

    Also, for the record, if anyone is aware of any games that were delayed to resume at a later date (this is the first one this year) please keep me notified if a player of yours is rostered and not accruing the proper points so I can monitor the game and adjust as needed.

    kk, nothing bad happened. Scoring adjusted.
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    Just got syndergaard for reynaldo lopez and brandon morrow in my dynasty league. Pretty happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer 555 View Post
    Just got syndergaard for reynaldo lopez and brandon morrow in my dynasty league. Pretty happy.
    I started reading this and for a second thought I accidentally cut Syndergaard and you snatched him off waivers or something

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    I won't be surprised if you did.

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    I traded Lourdes Gurriel Jr and Jorge Polanco for Max Muncy and Andrelton Simmons in a dynasty league where batter strikeouts and walks are a category (why simmons was alluring).

    Im a believer in Muncy despite his play recently and lack of ABs. Figured I could buy low now that people might be coming off him.


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    I picked up Max Muncy in TAO league. Upgrade (likely) over Eric Hosmer when Muncy was in the lineup. Hosmer was a guy who I tried to hedge during draft day when I took Miguel Cabrera.

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