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Thread: Spencer's Fantasy Power Rankings

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    Default Spencer's Fantasy Power Rankings

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    Rank 1 ME!

    Of course, every year I tend to place myself at the top of these rankings at the beginning of the year because I like my team. Call it bias, but I can make a case for myself being #1 atm more than anyone else. In terms of hitting, I have myself ranked in the middle of the pack. That being said, I think I will be able to manage my way to making it more of a strength throughout the season as Iíve got one of the best core group of hitters (top 50 hitters) in the league with my top 5 guys. My staff on the other hand should be a strength from the get go. With Kluber and Archer anchoring the front end of my staff, I reached for a bunch of high upside guys in Richards, Mccullers and Snell while also balancing that out with more safe options in Stroman, Price and Morton who also provide some nice upside. And the Cherry on top is my RP section. With Peacock, I have a top SP/RP who should provide ks and holds on the Astros while I also have 3 higher tier closers to round out my team. All in all, I think my team has as high a floor as anyone in the league because of my depth and balance while also having one of the higher upsides.

    Rank 2 Iíma

    This was a bit of a tossup between Hulky and Iíma as I have them projected to finish neck and neck based on their drafts, but I decided to go with the team that had more offensive upside. Let me be clear, Iíma has easily the best hitters in the league and should finish in 1st in terms of offensive production, hands down. His core 5 featuring Abreu, Ramirez, Harper, Ozuna, and Cruz are all likely 2+ ppg players and you can throw in Jay Bruceís easy 2ppg and Sanoís upside for fun as well. This team is gonna mash. On top of that, Iíma was able to snag some value late in the draft with his closers Holland and Brach to complement Knebel and Davis so his RP contingent will be among the better teams in the league if he can manage well. That all being said, I ranked his SP depth among the lower tiered teams in the league. At the top, Sale and Greinke should do work, and SP3 Hendricks should provide a solid floor for this team. But Iím not confident in the rest of his staff to produce well. There are a LOT of streaming options on the waivers as far as SPs go, so I expect Iíma will have some tinkering to do during the season with his staff.

    Rank 3 Hulky

    Sooooooo Madbum eh? Hahahaha. What a shitty way to start the season. Oh waitÖ Hulkyís pitching staff is easily among the best in the league regardless. With Madbum down, Hulky will probably struggle to start the season, but the overall output should still be good enough to make a playoff push. With Syndergaard and Verlander at the top and madbum set to return not too long into the season, Hulkyís top 3 is just plain nasty. Bounce back target Teheran and rookie sensation Luis Castillo fill out his depth with tantalizing upside. So you said you like pitching? Well Hulkyís RPs are spicy af too. Ranked 1 in the league in RP production as well, it isnít hard to see why hulky is ranked 3rd overall despite ranking last in my hitter projections. Make no mistake, his weakness will be hitting. I suspect Hulky will have to do some tinkering during the season with his bats, but Hulky has shown he is more than capable of managing over the last few year.

    Rank 4 Veil

    Surprised? Iím not. Veil has shown over the years the potential to put together one of the best teams in the league almost every year. However inconsistent he may be managing his team, you canít say the dude doesnít know his shit when it comes to the draft. Veilís pitching staff is the clear strength of this team. I have it ranked as the 2nd best pitching staff in the league behind Hulky and he shouldnít have a hard time amassing points from the pitching side of things with his top 5. Arguably the deepest staff in the league, Veil has 5 guys who could be top 25 pitchers in the league and a promising lotto ticket with Giolito who is having a good spring. Having 6 RPs on one team isnít exactly ideal, but veil should be able to stack up with the higher ppg closers like Kimbrel and Jansen if he manages carefully. His RP contingent is a little suboptimal, but at the top with Colome, Treinen and Miller, veil should have plenty of room to tinker with this roster and make it a contender. Like Hulky, I have veilís bats among the worst in the league, but his Core 5 batters is much more palatable then hulkyís and veil may have more potential coming from high variance sluggers Judge and Story. PUJOLS BOUNCEBAKC 70 HOMERSEASON YOUHEARDITHEREFIRST

    Rank 5 Gryph

    Ranked here because heís a manager savant moreso then having a better team than Gypsy or Sano. Im not sure if Gryph has won the league before, but I think he is more than deserving of a league championship. That being said, I actually didnít really like his draft this year. In terms of roster balance, Gryphís team is more balanced then the 3 ranked ahead of him, but the upside is much lower imo. Gryphs hitters, and SPs are ranked in the middle of the pack based on my projections. With Kimbrel and potentially underrated Doolittle and Rivero, Gryphís RPs represent his teamís biggest strength ranked 2nd behind only Hulky. If Stanton and Zimmerman can reproduce seasons like they just had, I might be underrating his offense, but I actually donít like the potential here. He has a nice core 5, but it isnít elite by any stretch and Stanton/Zimmermanís injury history is fucking skeptical as all hell. And on the pitching side, though deep, I donít really like Cole/Nola as his SP2/3 in comparison to some of the other top 3s in the league. Gryph will no doubt spit in the face of my rankings as he usually does with his managing skill and absurd baseball knowledge.

    Rank 6 Gyspy/Sano

    Yep thatís right a deadlock tie. I actually have Gryph projected to tie with Gypsy and Sano but I gave him a boost because of his roster balance. Both Gypsy and Sano have excellent hitting coming into the league and less then optimal pitching. With Trout and Freeman at the top, Sano may have the best 1-2 hitter punch in the league and has 2 bats who could rank #1 in the league easily, but his depth is a bit on the lighter side compared to Gypsy I'd say. That all goes out the window if Acuna comes up and is the new trout. Along with Benintendi Sano has a really fun contingent of bats. I actually love Sano's roster because his upside is just plain fun. OHTANIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Meanwhile, with Arenado, Bryant and Rizzo, Gypsy makes a strong case to have the best 1-2-3 hitters in the league. A bounceback season from Cespedes and continued elite production from Tommy Pham will make my projection of this team poop. On the pitching sideÖ.. well look for yourselves. I donít hate either teamís chances to compete, but they will need to tinker with their SPs and RPs if they want to keep up.

    Rank 8 Mistretta

    I think it speaks to the competition of this league that for the first time, we probably have a team projected 8th on my power rankings that I think has a solid, if not better then solid, chance to compete in this league. Kershaw, Severino and Keuchel make for one of the best 1-2-3 punches in the league in terms of upside, and he filled out the rest of his roster with higher floor guys like Gio and Samardzija while snagging berrios for some upside fun. I have this staff ranked 4th in the league. That being said, I didnít love his hitters potential and so far he doesnít have an RP contingent. Mistretta will need to patch together some RPs and hope for a big year from Gallo if he wants to raise in my rankings.

    Rank 9 Dino/Midgebino

    Autodrafted, not much to say, I believe in Dinoís managerial potential to put together a winning team, but both of these teams need work. Gryph, you should tell youíre boy Midge that he needs some SPs lol.

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    Gl guys, hope you enjoy my bi-weekly segments. I'll try to keep up as best as I can.

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    Team Sano Hulky Dino Gypsy Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    C 1.9 2.0 1.7 2.1 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    1B 2.6 2.2 2.7 2.6 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    2B 2.0 2.0 2.6 2.5 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    SS 2.0 1.9 2.4 2.1 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    3B 2.3 2.2 2.3 2.9 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    OF 2.9 2.6 2.2 2.3 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    OF 2.3 2.1 2.2 2.3 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    OF 1.7 2.0 2.1 2.1 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    UTIL 2.3 2.2 2.1 2.6 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    RP 4.1 4.5 3.8 3.7 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    RP -- 4.0 2.4 3.6 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    RP -- 3.5 -- 2.3 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    SP 11.8 10.2 8.7 10 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    SP 10.3 9.8 8.0 8.8 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    SP 9.4 9.0 7.8 7.9 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    SP 8.8 7.2 7.3 7.8 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    SP 6.8 6.7 7.0 7.3 Imalive Spencer Mist Veil Midge Gryph
    Last edited by Hulky; 03-28-2018 at 12:52 PM.

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    U finishing those tables hulky?

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    i feel like i'm ranked too low.

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    These power rankings are as good as Jose Bautista

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