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Thread: 2018 NFL Mock Draft

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    rico gathers tho

    [ broke link:]

    it was short lived but it was fun <3
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    I'm excited about Roquan. Think it puts OL in play at 39. Tons of interesting players. Think Isaiah Oliver is the move, but Josh Jackson, Justin Reid, Maurice Hurst, Harold Landry, Lorenzo Carter, Arden Key all available as potential defensive playmakers.

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    The Safety I like that no one talks about is the one from Texas, DeShon Elliott. I think he might be the best in the class, but the one year of production thing makes it a more risky projection I guess. Still 'Boys took Vander Esch and he was a one year wonder too.

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    love how philly trolled dallas with that trade up for the TE


    not entirely sure how i feel about 3/4 of the main tv analysts being cowboys though. i appreciate romo but troy is aite, do we really need another cowboy calling games

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