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I don't think Romo as a player is HOF, I think he's like Ring of Honor tier.

I think if he keeps up announcing as A++++ though and maybe gets into coaching down the line he could build a HOF career. His football knowledge is awesome, just untimely injuries, late career start, and lack of playoff success hurt HOF. Also he was never #1 or really top 3 at his position at any point in his career.
yeah i agree he won't be in the hof, but purely because of injuries and lack of...team. i definitely think though if he had a little better of a team around him, things would be different. eli manning is a likely hall of famer - if romo had been a giant, they have AT LEAST those two super bowls, possibly more. people talk about how clutch he is in the playoffs, but his defense and ground game both years (if i recall correctly, i've looked it up in the past but not in a while)was nearly tops in the postseason. aaron rodgers, he of the 4-year $134 million contract, has only won the super bowl once. in both the regular season and post-season, he had the 2nd ranked scoring defense that year.

we saw what romo could do with a team around him in 2014, and he was what, 3rd in MVP voting that year? definitely top 3 that year.

overall, he's an undrafted free agent with the 4th-highest passer rating of all time. even when he was (ignorantly)mocked as being a choker, his stats were among the best in the league. in the 4th quarter, from 2006-2014 (his last year of playing), his completion % and YPA are 1st in the league. td:int ratio 4th. qbr 6th.

from 2006-2014, he led 27 game-winning drives, most in the league. overall, wins aren't quarterback stats, but game-winning drives sure are.

i remember hearing about how romo wasn't really a leader, about how he didn't elevate the players around him. bullshit - he made dez bryant and terrance williams. what have they done without him? nothing.

i do hope to see him as a coach someday.