I renewed the league a while back as I got an email that said Lex wanted it renewed. I think it's normally renewed around late-June/July, so I figured I'd make a thread reminder that the league is back up.

One thing I kinda expect is that we will mostly want to draft either August 24/25/26 (weekend of Preseason week 3) or August 30/31 (Preseason week 4 games).

Thursday September 6th is the first regular season game, so September 1st and 2nd are the Sat/Sun before week 1.

My issue is that I get married August 24/25/26 and then go on Honeymoon August 30-September 3. I can do a predraft rankings and autodraft and I am competely okay with that given I set up a custom ranking. I think though that the group might want someone else as commish though as I wouldn't be on and you'd want someone that could be able to lengthen or shorten pick times or fix a draft order or whatever. If someone wants to be commish, I'm cool with it.

I think this is the link to the league?: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/68141