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Thread: TAO Fantasy Football 2018

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    What pick slots have the winners had over the course of this league? I'm sure someone will spend the time going through it.

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    I might look. I've been in the league i think every year except 1.

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    just go look at my history and you'll know what draft spot is good

    [ broke link:]

    it was short lived but it was fun <3
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    Can we get people to reach out to the remaining players in the league to come touch base that they're in?

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    like who?
    Maverik told Blex that he is in

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    I have a great pick number but I'm also surrounded by good drafters.

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    First mock draft this year. 12 team no ppr

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    10 team league, standard everything besides .5 PPR. Who are you targeting at picks 10 & 11?

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    I'm getting married this upcoming weekend so I haven't researched fantasy much this season, but I'd guess Dalvin Cook and a pretty elite WR should be available I'd think

    like Zeke Bell Johnson and Gurley are some order of the top 4 picks then Barkley Hunt Kamara and Brown are in the mix for by pick 10 so thats 8 picks then only two others will be gone like Odell Julio or whatever. I'd think Cook and like Hopkins or whatever would be good, but maybe I'm missing someone obvious

    edit: I was think picks 11 and 12. For 10-11 basically whoever listed that I liked and byes made sense based off other targets later.
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