This thread will be a kind of dev log for my upcoming TAO-like game (untitled)

Planned features for the initial beta (planned release date: 01/01/2019):
  • Free, competitive and fair. Server-side network multiplayer to prevent cheating, no pay-to-win, both players always play with the same available units and starting positions like in chess. Players choose from a variety of preconfigured sets (turtles, rushes, offside sets, same side sets, etc)
  • Each unit will have multiple choices for attacks, some attacks will cost more recovery time than others. Some attacks will alter the position of enemy units such as knocking enemy units back in some cases.
  • There will be many magic attacks and effects: teleportation, damage over time, paralyzing, barriering, etc.
  • Units with shields have a pseudo random chance to block physical attacks such as spearmen and knights when attacked from the front or sides.
  • There will be a leader board, chat, and matchmaking system based on ranking. You will also be able to challenge specific players.
  • There will be a subscription option for $4.99/mo to support the game and get cosmetic perks. You will also have access to subscriber unit sets to choose from at the start of the match which have exclusive units. Note: when using this option, your opponent will start with the same set even if not a subscriber.

Planned unit types for the initial beta are:
  • Knight: 2 attacks, sword attack (1 range melee) and shield shove (displaced shoved unit)
  • Spearman: 2 attacks, spear attack (2 tile range melee) and shield shove (melee, displaces shoved unit)
  • Archer: 2 attacks, shoot arrow (ranged) and kick (melee, displaces kicked unit)
  • Cleric: 2 types - AOE single target healer and/or unit buffer
  • Mage: 3 types - 12 magic attacks, some AOE some single target, which have various effects like teleportation of other units

The style of game play will be total annihilation to win or when you have immobilized all remaining enemy units with effects such as paralyze.
A typical game will first involve fighting for the middle of the board to gain a positional advantage. Knights will be heavy defenders and attackers, Spearmen will be good at penetrating turtles, and archers will be good at finishing targets from afar. Clerics will buff and heal units of your choice depending on the situation and Mages will be the centerpiece of the game, as they will have the most complex capabilities (paralyze, teleport units, magical barrier units, spawn obstacles, affect terrain, poison attacks, mind control ability, etc. While Mages will be powerful and versatile, the recovery time will be higher than other units. Also, some mage/cleric abilities will be channeled, and thus can be cancelled by enemy attacks.