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    I've been working on and off of the HTML5 version of the game. I've got a 3D modeller working from the old 2D game assets. See below some Tweets of the models in their basic shapes. He still needs to texture and animate them, but this should give you a feel for them.

    Model Previews

    Source Code
    The game is fully open-sourced on my GitHub and any contributions would be greatly appreciated:

    Technical Details
    Server is built in NodeJS
    Frontend is built in ReactJS
    Game is built in ThreeJS

    Current Progress
    Authentication (login/register)
    Real-time chat
    Chat commands (/stat, etc.)
    Arena player placement (needs improvement and real-time implementation)

    I've created a Trello board for anyone willing to help in design or development (any help will be really appreciated).

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    Good to see the dream lives on

    Hoping to see this back one day..It has been dearly missed

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    The following features have been implemented.

    • Working version of the login, registration, lobby, chat and commands are up at
    • Progress of the game is up at

    I am currently working on the following components of the game.

    • More chat commands (/challenge, /mute, /floor, etc.)
    • Add more models
    • Implement game GUI
    • Implement game server

    If any of you are engineers or have experience with web/game development, I would greatly appreciate your help on this. Much more code needs to be written for a working version of the game to get up and running.

    All source code is available open-source on GitHub

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    I'm holding off developing on this repository to help BrutalRage with his version of the game –

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