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Thread: TAO Fantasy Baseball 2019

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    Reminder today is the draft and it's in roughly 4 hours

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    chyeah boi. Wanted to make it later in the week, but the GOD DAMN A's AN' M's


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    anyone have any interest in a h2h $100 league?

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    hit me up next year

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    C: Buster Posey - I wanted JT Realmuto and only Gryph would pick before my next pick, and Gryph always talks about how Catchers are overdrafted, so I was like okay I can grab Abreu and then get JT. Then Gryph took him and I was unprepared at Catcher plans outside of JT or Gary so I took Posey when ESPN said he was a reasonable pick.

    1B: Jose Abreu - I didn't want to run back the Hosmer/Cabrera plan from last year, and I feel like CWS is on the upswing and perhaps gets traded to a contender late in the year?

    2B: Brian Dozier - I wanted HRs not AVG this this year, and I wanted exposure to the Nationals lineup and I think Dozier could maybe bat behind Turner/Rendon/Soto so RBI opportunity?

    3B: Manny Machado - He isn't a 3B yet, so I'm rolling with Devers in the RedSox lineup, but Machado is awesome and I'm happy to have him on my fantasy team again.

    SS/UTIL: Corey Seagar & Carlos Correa - I felt these were BPA players and was kinda an issue taking them after round 1 Machado, but fuck it these guys are good and Seagar is off injury so maybe this plan comes to fruition a little bit down the line and my bench options have a little time to shine.

    OF: Michael Brantley & George Springer & Kris Bryant (Depth Jackie Bradley) - I really liked Brantley last year and having him as my OF3 again is cool, and I got Springer back a year after his ADP rose and I think the Astros is still an elite lineup so having Springer and Correa seems good to me. Bryant is awesome too and Im comfortable having him lead this group of OFs. Jackie Bradley apparently completely changed his swing or something using JD Martinez's personal coach? I dunno changed approach and elite defense to stay in the lineup of a top lineup and it seems like a decent depth option.

    RP: Kimbrel & Hader & LeClerc - I think this is the weakest RP group I've had in a long time, but a lot of upside. Hader might not get many SV opportunities and he throws so damn hard he might get hurt but seems good, LeClerc has velocity but iffy control, and Kimbrel doesn't have a team. Sick potential though maybe?

    SP: Verlander & Strasburg & Bumgarner& Eovaldi & Arrieta & Rich Hill & Gausman
    Top three I am happy with (last year's trio was Verlander/Bumgarner/Syndergaard so this isn't really all that different), the next tier is question marks. Eovaldi should rack up wins and had a good playoff run, Arrieta used to be something and the Phillies got better, Rich Hill has injury concerns but also on a good team, and Gausman is a rosterable option on the Braves who might be good.

    Didn't list Cahill because I thought he was on the As still, so without that put him on waivers for a different player.

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    Yeah, had a rough draft this year. it happens. Not too pleased with my team.
    C- JT Realmuto : As Hulky said, fantasy overvalues these two (Gary and JT) but with the black hole that's everything behind them, their ADP prices are normally far higher, but I got JT in the 6th/7th iirc, and he's consistent 1/2/3 catcher in fantasy, I'll take that any day of the week

    1B - Anthony Rizzo, Luke Voit, Joey Gallo : Once again, consistency in Rizzo, you nkow 25/90+ from him every year is almost assured aside from injury, another potential OF/DH/1B in Voit who in 31 games last year for Yankees smacked 14 Homers and 31 RBI's and looks fantastic this spring, Gallo, at this point why not, OF elig, but bombs are bombs since I was already pretty set on most positions by the time I got him

    2B - Rougned Odor : I'm hoping we get 2nd half Roogy, and not 1st half. He seems like he's in a good place this spring, so fingers crossed we get the old 260 / 30 / 80 / 20 guy again

    3B - Miguel Andujar : He's my boy, they ripped him off a RoTY, so hopefully I can bring him a fantasy championship instead

    SS - Paul Dejong / DiDi Gregorious : Dejong was undervalued this year, mostly because of the broken hand last year, but he's batting 3rd in a lineup after Goldy, and he popped 25 Homers before the hand injury. And I got Didi who is a top 5-10 SS with the last pick. I'll take it

    OF - Acuna, Polanco, Renfroe - Not my best OF by far, but if Acuna is who we think he is, we could be looking at a poor man's Mike Trout, Polanco will miss first month, but has 20/20 production, and Renfroe's power and iso have been climbing every year since he got here, so I'm banking on 30 bombs from him this year.

    SP - Paxton, Corbin, Kluber, Archer, Hendricks, Porcello, Skaggs, Godley - Injury city and landmine nation welcomes their newest member Gryph. Whoof. If I can get around 25-28 starts from all of them, and they don't explode things by playoffs, I'll be happy.

    RP - Iglesies, Kenley, Doolittle : *Prays in front of alter* please stay alive. Doolittle in particular, as he completely ruined my RP corps last year when Washington KNEW he had a stress fracture in his foot and left him on the roster for 3 weeks before DL'ing him. Plus side, his shoulder hasn't exploded there's that.

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    Not going in depth, but to sum it up my bats are stacked and my pitching behind Nola is questionable at best. Tried a new approach to this points league.

    Ty for letting Mookie fall to 4th.

    Edit: After looking at draft recap, i probably would've taken severino > hangier due to me already having betts and hoskins in the OF.

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    Round 01:
    Best: Philly, Mookie Betts — Because of the lineup around him arguably the best player and at the 4th pick. 

    Worst: Hulky, Manny Machado — Lot of top SS, and drafted as a 3B so issues with aiting a week or two for eligibility and how does the move to SD effect him.

    Round 02:
    Best: Hulky, Justin Verlander — I like the pitchers taken in this round as a strategy and Gryph, myself, Spencer, Philly and Veil all went that route. Verlander is on the best team (or best pitcher on that team imo against Cole to Spencer) so I figure most likely for extra wins as tie breaker for best pick of the good SPs that went this round.

    Worst: Sano, Trea Turner — of the three SS this round (Turner, Lindor, Bregman) I think Turner is the worst, and was also the first of the three taken.

    Round 03:
    Best: Everyone — Super strong round. Going to maybe tiebreaker give it to Veil for Harper Hype in the third instead of earlier, but Judge, Stanton as the other OF taken around him are equally good picks. Goldy, Freeman and Rizzo drained the elite 1B and Bryant, Baez, Syndergaard all seem in line, arguably worse than the aforementioned, but good picks. 

    Worst: Sano, Trevor Story — Round two took a SS, round 3 took a SS. Strong round in general so this is my tie breaker.

    Round 04:
    Best: Ima, Andrew Benintendi — When I picked Carlos Correa I thought he was by far the BPA, however in retrospect if I saw Benintendi I would have taken him. Great pick.

    Worst: Gypsy, Starling Marte — I don’t view Marte as a top OF option in our league to go so high as his value seems to be a 20/20 type and it’s on a bad team. I think SP or another batting option would have been better (ie Benintendi taken significantly later in the round after Marte who is in a better lineup for RBI and R and has the same sort of upside if not higher)

    Round 05:
    Best: Gryph, Patrick Corbin — Good pitcher hopped over to a better team and I just think it works out. I wish I knew more about Buehler and Taillon but I dont so maybe those are better. 

    Worst: Dino, Whit Merrifield — this is another one of those steals and average guys that isn’t worth the high investment imo in this league.

    Round 06:
    Best: Mistretta, Edwin Diaz — Getting an elite closer is a strong strategy here and shout out Gryph for starting it this round with Jansen, but last year Jansen had some iffyness to him on my roster, so I’m rolling with the upside guy taken a little later here. I think Votto would be considered if he hadn’t already also had Goldy at 1B.

Worst: Philly, Mitch Haniger — OF is deep and Haniger isn’t anything special imo and he expressed regret later as the board fell.

    Round 07:
    Best: Veil, Clayton Kershaw — Unless he misses the season or a significant chunk (or really just not being ready/available for the playoffs) I’m picking Kershaw as best pick anything past round 4 in our league. 

    Worst: uhhh, I dont know maybe Suarez because he needs pitchers and could have had Kershaw? Like no way you’d accept Suarez for Kershaw in a trade right? I dunno.

    Round 08:
    Best: Philly, Daniel Murphy — I think this is prolly a risk for best pick but going to Coors and being healthy and the tiers of 2B from here out I think Philly made an exceptional move.

Worst: Ima, Justin Turner — I think he is startable for a 3B but nothing amazing or really much better than waiver and thats not what Im looking for in round 8.

    Round 09:
    Best: Hulky, Corey Seager — I don’t care I liked this pick a lot. 

    Worst: Gypsy, Jonathan Villar — Inconsistent player on a worse team.

    Round 10:
    Best: Veil, Scooter Gennett — It’s this or one of the pitchers, and I think Gennet on the improved Reds could be a better pick than many of the 2b options above him.

Worst: Ima, Dee Gordon — boo steal dependence.

    Round 11:
    Best: Veil, Dallas Kuechel / Ima, Zach Wheeler / Mistretta, Masahiro Tanaka — lot of questions and upside on these three. One of these will probably pan out and be a great pick.

Worst: Veil, Dallas Kuechel / Ima, Zach Wheeler / Mistretta, Masahiro Tanaka — lot of questions and upside on these three.Whoever doesnt pan out is probably going to be awful. Zach Wheeler has big negative point games previously (speaking from experience starting him) and if he regresses back to what he was that’s sketch. Tanaka can get hurt again and just be a waste. Keuchel not being signed could lead to some nonsense like holding out for months until a contender has an injury issue and signs him or something.

    Round 12:
    Best: Ima, Yu Darvish — I wanted him as the last of the tier of guys I mentioned round 11, this is a round later value for basically the same gamble.

Worst: Gypsy, Mallex Smith — cheaper younger Dee Gordon that still isn’t worth anything more than a late pick.

    Round 13:
    Best: ??? o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

Worst: ??? o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

    Round 14:
    Best: ??? o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

Worst: Mistretta, Eric Hosmer — This dude wasn’t worth rostering last year, but just good enough to make you not make a change. I feel like it might happen to Mist this year, although the Padres may in general be a better lineup in 2019.

    Round 15:
    Best: Spencer, Max Muncy — HR value here

    Worst: Hulky, Buster Posey — I don’t know who is a decent catcher other than Sanchez, Realmuto and Posey better grab an off injury post surgery old Posey classic panic (Panik!? no panic).

    Round 16:
    Best: Sano, JA Happ — tie breaker over some other picks because Sano desperately needed a pitcher.

    Worst: I think most of this round was similar to one another.

    Round 17:
    Best: Gryph, Rick Porcello — I debated taking him, but said wait because I was hoping a Yankee fan in Gryph would slight devalue Red Sox, I was wrong. I think Porcello could have gone earlier with an easier path than normal to wins and a (almost though technically did) CY Young upside. 

    Worst: Not sure, but I’m going to give this as a group effort worst pick to autodrafting gets too few pitchers.

    Round 18:
    Best: Spencer, Shohei Ohtani — strictly DH this year, but should be a good UTIL and at a solid round (4th to last) overall high upside and almost no downside. 

    Worst: Dino/Philly, Miggy/Schwarber these guys will be on the waivers eventually I think. Both could have some big HR weeks though, but can drag the team until then and I think are in general just a frustrate (could be___ just isn’t right now as you get -0.6 points) or cut.

    Round 19:
    Best: Mistretta, Ryan Braun — Manages close enough to be benching when he isn’t in the lineup and when he is he should contribute plus is in one of the better lineups in MLB. Good value.

    Worst: Ima, Byron Buxton — more of that steal dependence, but this one has HR upside to add to that, but Ima already cut him so…

    Round 20:
    Best: ??? o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

    Worst: ??? o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

    Round 21:
    Best: o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

    Worst: o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

    Round 22:
    Best: Philly, Andrew Miller — getting enough RP is crucial and here is a last round high upside one in Miller to the Cardinals. I know he had injuries last year, but if he can get back this is a dope pick.

    Worst: o no hulky doesnt know enough ???

    Dong: Not enough pitchers, I don’t care about the team at all until it has enough.
Hulky: Should compete.

    Philly: Not enough SP.

    Mistretta: Should compete.

    Ima: Should compete.

    Dino: Holy shit bats, near-zero pitching.
Veil: Should compete.
    Gryph: Should compete.

    Spencer: Favorite. 

    Sano: Not enough pitchers, I don’t care about the team at all until it has enough.

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    I definitely do not agree with your Justin Turner assessment, but I suppose that's why he ended up on my team and not somewhere else. If he stays healthy, it's pretty much guaranteed that he's going to rake.

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