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Thread: Forgotten Password? Check this thread.

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    Default Forgotten Password? Check this thread.

    If you aren't in the TAO Facebook group and have forgotten your TAOforums password, with new accounts disabled it can be locked out I guess. So I made a new account that isn't in TAO Community, but is a Registered User so I think it would have permissions to post in this thread. If you are locked out log on it and post asking for a new account to be made with a name and temp password (you can change once you are logged on) and I will make the account manually for you.

    The account is:

    It's password is:

    Please don't change it's password, I'll try and rechange it to password occassionally if I have seen it was logged on to make this ability to rejoin the community stay around. Hopefully bots aren't smart enough to read and spam lol (which bots are the reason new accounts are disabled).

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    I forgot my password.

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    Forgot my password

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    Username: Red-Fire
    Password: password

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    Forgot my password.


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    Nevermind, I'm in.

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    Iíve forgotten my password


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    Quote Originally Posted by ForgottenPassword View Post
    I’ve forgotten my password

    username: DNA
    password: password

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    If you play Isaac (Legend Z), tell him about this. He can't log into his account

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entrain View Post
    If you play Isaac (Legend Z), tell him about this. He can't log into his account
    That's because he doesn't have an account. He should register one.

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