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Thread: Fantasy Baseball 2020

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    Default Fantasy Baseball 2020

    Figured I'd make the thread now to get it out of the way, anyone interested in joining is more than welcome. For now though, getting this here as a placeholder.

    The first game of the season is March 26th, I have the draft set to March 31st for now just so I could activate the league. 26th is on a Thursday, So maybe we can target the 22nd [Sunday] or 21st [Saturday evening]? If you'd like to submit a date for a draft day, let me know in advance via PM, thread, VM, FB, w/e y'all know how to reach me. And we can pick one we're all happy with. Don't be afraid to suggest a new rule or a scoring change, roster changes either. I'm open to all suggestions. WE SHALT PUT IT TO THY VOTING COMMUNITY

    Also, fyi if you happen across this thread and were interested in trying, don't be shy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzy` View Post
    do I need to know anything about baseball to play? or can I win this like I did TAO FF by autodrafting?
    Autodraft doesn't take enough pitchers for the way this league plays out. I didn't know anything about baseball when I first joined and I ended up with basically 5 total SP and RP and finshed near the bottom. If you join and draft and just reach for SP you can use the basic rankings and be competitive.

    The big thing for this league is it plays everyday so you gotta log on and put the right pitcher in for the day they are going to pitch.

    Basically what you want is 1 of each offensive position and then like an infielder backup and a OF backup then everything else is pitchers. Autodraft will have you end up with like 6 extra batters.

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    Feel like this thread is dead? Is league gonna happen?

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    Why wouldn't it happen?

    Like it says every team joined on ESPN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greendaybum5 View Post
    Feel like this thread is dead? Is league gonna happen?
    it'll happen. I've been swamped with work like nonstop, should clear up after today [I hope], I can get some more confirmation from people.
    Me, Hulky, Spencer, You, Veil, Stretta is already over half the league I already know are confirmed, Ima and Dino being the only question marks so far. Sano is in Military officer classes, so he'll miss the draft, but that's already 9/10

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    So in my H2H Categories keeper league I've got Yelich, Betts, Devers and Bogarts.

    I have 6th pick in the first round and then nothing til the 3rd round.

    Categories are W, L, CG, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS and R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, AVG, OPS

    Available players (5 will be gone before me, but i'd like to get a top 6 ranking based off my current squad)

    Kershaw, Paddack, Nola, Giolito, Snell, Corbin

    Springer, Merrifield, Hiura, Rizzo, Eloy

    What would you guys do? I feel like I should go pitcher because of how well off i am with my batting keepers, but a couple of those hitters could really solidify me there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizzy` View Post

    w/e. i'll start my own fantasy baseball league. with blackjack. and hookers.
    You actually wanna play? Sure, VM or PM your email address for the espn account. I'll send you the league invite

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    Assuming the baseball season actually starts any time soon, I'm ready to get back to winning this league. Last year was a down year for me, but I was just in Florida at spring training this week so I'm more prepared than ever lol.

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