These Strategies and Ideas were originally posted on the Wolf Clan website. They were made by zzzzaacckk, Bottle, M_A_D, Quicksandslowly, Soudeus, Apt142, Hyperlink, Tcbb, AasumDude

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Units by M_A_D

Golem Ambusher

The Golem Ambusher is like a Scout but lacks the range, blocking and movement of the Scout. What it does have is No-Line of Sight, as in it hurls his boulders up and over other units. When used in a Rush or range attack setup the Golem Ambusher is great. Its range when used with other units is very deadly. The major weakness is his lack of blocking and targeting of only the 4th and 5th tiles. If you where to get in under the 4th and 5th tile you can sit there and he can not attack you. You can not worry about him being killed, in most cases this happens. You have to use him to do the damage that you need. He is used as a Cleric Killer!!! If you can protect him and keep him alive then great. (More to come)


Berserkers are misunderstood. They are like a weak Knight, but with they have the ability to stun its target for one turn or add a one turn recovery to that unit. With this in mind he is and will always be a defensive unit. He is best used in the back line to protect other units. With his ability to stun and do damage could make the different in any game. His draw backs are that he should be used in a dual Cleric setup or Stone Golem setup. This will help keep him alive to protect other units. He is difficult to master. (More to come)

Beast Rider

Beast Rider are one of the beast units you could use. They have good blocking, high range of movement, low recovery time and an attack of two tiles at a time. When use correctly they can be deadly to any setup. They can move in and out of an opponents setups and back with out dying. Although they do have low armor and some what of a low blocking there high range of movement and low recovery time can get them out of a lot of trouble. To optimize there abilities you should use then with dual Clerics or a Stone Golem. This will make them seem invincible. A set of Beast Riders with an Stone Golem or Dual Clerics can give anyone a run for their money. (More to come)

Poison Wisp

Poison Wisps are the disembodied spirits of ancient forest critters. Their existence has been shrouded in mystery for eternity, as they vanish as quickly as they appear. Well Seed got that one right. The Poison Wisp has a very high range of movement and can poison any units within 8 tiles in a cross shaped area. In doing this the units can not attack until after they more away or the focus spell is broken. An Poison Wisp can buy you the time to kill an unit or weaken many units so that you can kill them easily. Immune to ground attacks such as the mud-quake makes it hard to stop them at times. The Wisp’s greatest weakness is his lack of blocking and high recovery time. They are difficult to master. (More to come)


Furgons are defensive unit only. They are very good in buying you time and keeping your opponents away from you. The summoning of Shrubs can help just as much as it can hurt you. They are very difficult to master and if you use them wrongly your opponent can and will use they to beat you. Some of the things that people do wrong is box themselfs in with their own Furgon and not allow a way out as well as in. Furgons are best used in a dual Frost Golem setup or with a Poison Wisp and Frost Golem. The Frost Golems hide behind the shrubs waiting for the opponent and the Wisp hides inside the shrubs waiting. In both cases the shrubs are used to protect other units but at the same time you need to use a range attack to kill any unit that your Forest or Wisp has.

The Furgon’s Enraged Attack can be used to stop an opponent even if you have no Frost or Wisp. The wrath of the Furgon is incurred when it witnesses an ally fall in battle, awakening its dormant powers to encage all enemies in wild growth. The Furgon must be enraged and surrounded by Shrubs on all 4 sides to activate this ability. This allows the Furgon to surrounded the opponent in Shrubs no matter where they may be at. (More to come)


The Dragon is one of the most used units in the game. His high damage attack and range of movement and attack makes him a force to deal with. He can kill an Witch and Cleric with one shot and when used with a Dragon Speaking Mage is very deadly. Now do not get me wrong the Dragon is not all powerful. The Dragon has low blocking and if not used correctly can be killed very easily. (More to come)

Strategies Guide by M_A_D

Ideas for Setups

The first thing you have to do is look at all the units you have to work with. Do you have:
“Power” ( Dark Witches like 4 or 5, Pyros 3 or 4, DSM, Dragon),
“Movement” (Beast Riders, Scouts, Assassin, Mud Golem)
“Armor” ( Stone Golem, Knights)
“Freezing Power” (Duel Frost Golems, 3 or 4 Enchantress)
“Defenses Units” (Barrier Ward, Furgon, Lightning Ward)
or are you just working with the Basic units?? In any case you have to understand the weakness and strengths of each piece.

Each setup should take in account for:
1) Damage evasion a.k.a. retreat strategies and Protection.
2) Defensive pockets or "The Turtle" witch can be used for defense and offense. (Grays can Turtle but mostly it is a Double Golds with the Stone Golem.)
3) Attacks, whether it is a “Rush”, “Range Attack”or just a slow setup to attack (Flanking).

Each of the above can and will kill any setup whether you use them or your opponent uses them. Your setup should try to defend off any attack plus make its own attack. In any case each setup has its weakness and strengths. Learn them and you will learn how to defeat most any in battle.

Key Ideas to Learn

A) Movement

The Slow Setup a.k.a. Flanking: by [S|G]

You will have to learn how to move!! No not how each unit moves but move and not attack with a unit!! If you can move a piece in and not be in danger then do it. Move as many as you can before you attack. This will setup you’re over all attack plan. A flanking setup uses units with great range in movement that are able to make quick incursions deep inside enemy lines and then return.

Recommended Units: Beast Riders, Scouts, Mud Golem (no more than 1), Knights, Dragon.

Strategies: The key when using this setup is exploring the high movement rate of your units to the maximum. I would advise any non-double not to use this kind of setup, as its units are somewhat fragile without the aid of the Stone Golem. After armoring your weaker units (Mud Golems, Beast Riders, Scouts) try to send them forward in such a way that there form an arch around your opponent, surrounding him. Remember to place them in a way that one unit give cover to the other, particularly against frost golems. If you do it the right way, this setup will be particularly strong against 2 scout sets, and also very good against most turtles, both magic and non-magic ones. Advance slowly keeping units covered and pressing your opponent into defending. If he tries to break your line with any unit, pound it hard, and possibly retreat a bit, but never much. Any units trying to break through should be at least into range of 3 of your units. Keep your health high at all times and occasionally poke an enemy unit using a beast rider to lure him out of the turtle, then fall back and keep attacking that unit with your other troops. Bringing the frost golem along might be a good idea, keep him behind a knight. Also, if possible, make a run with a beast rider or the mud golem when the opponent has his units spread and go for the stone golem and cleric, then return again. If you get the stone golem, press forward hard and take any scouts and frost golems you can get. Usually doing this successfully means that you won the fight. (**Thanks [S|G] for the added Flanking information.**)

The Rush:

Rushing is a commitment that you can not turn back from. When rushing you have to keep hitting your opponent and never stop. Bring all your units in. Whether it is slow at first for the setup or fast you must bring “All your Units in”. Rushes works better with power but will work with basic units. “I have beaten Duel Scout / Stone setups with a well thought out Basic unit Rush.” The unblockable attack is the best Rush.

Unit Movement:

A setup that has a lot of movement in it is very hard to stop. Three Knights, Scout, Mud Golem and Beast Riders will give you many options in your strategies. You can reach the other side of the arena in as little as 2 moves.

B) Damage evasion

BW Protection:

You may want to use your BW to protect a unit on the way in (Damage evasion). The placement of the BW can help you a great deal. If it can reach down the arena then you can sit there and wait for the opening. Knowing when to move a unit in or back out of danger will also help. Try not to take on a lot of damage unless you can make that kill you need. Some times you can setup a pocket inside on your opponent. The Stone Golem is an Damage evasion unit.

Retreat Strategies:

Any setup will at one point need to Retreat. In this you will have to know when to attack and when not to. You just need to run away and not attack.

Defenses Pockets:

A Knight wall with LW can provide protection for all. Knights and LW are hard to kill and you can hide behind them.

Freezing Protection:

The Frost Golem can protect you for damage as well as an Enchantress. If you freeze a unit then protect the Frost Golem or Enchantress with an BW you will be throwing a Very Big Monkey Wrench in any ones Strategies

Furgon Protection:

A furgon can give you the time you need to kill your opponent. With a well thought out placement a Furgon can be your best friend.

Split your opponents attention up:

Duel attacks is also a key to Damage evasion. Attack in two areas at one time. If you get a unit in danger then start your attack on a weaker unit to draw them away from your damaged unit. This may stop their attack and they may runaway thus giving you time to heal or run yourself.