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Thread: Hulky's Fake NFL Franchise

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    Free Agency 2022 (edit as moves happen)
    2022 Draft Picks

    Morgan Cox, LS 1y/1,272,500
    Desmond King, CB 2y/7,000,000

    Alec Ingold, FB 1y/2,433,000

    Nick Bosa, DE 4y/120,000,000 (instead of the ~11mil this year and 30 per the following 4 years, it is ~35mil this year then 24mil per in 23, 24, 25, 26)

    Trade acquisitions
    Amari Cooper, WR
    La'el Collins, RT

    Free Agents
    James Daniels, IOL 3y/29mil (9,666,666 apy)

    above is copy paste from my other thread. Still looking to resign Jamison Crowder and Deshon Elliott just waiting to see if their real life contracts beat what I could do. I fake extended Nick Bosa for top defender money where in real life I think SF is waiting. I wanted to push some money forward (which SF would not want to do lol) so I did mine now. I think 30 per is something he'd take especially after losing 1 of his first three years to a knee injury I'm sure money now instead of 4th year, option year, then messing with franchise tags and all that. James Daniels is going to be in a weird competition in the summer, he'll play RG if Wyatt Davis is worse at his job than Lloyd Cushenberry is at center and Daniels will play center if the reverse is true. The loser would become the primary reserve interior lineman. I traded my second fourth round pick, then swapped in the 5th and 6th for Amari and La'el. The picks have changed otherwise a bit because of comp picks.

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    Site was dead during the draft. This was the Renegades draft haul:

    2022 Draft Selections
    1.007 -- Kyle Hamilton, S Notre Dame
    1.008 --Accept the Saint's trade up to the Commanders at 11. Renegades send pick No. 8 to the Saints for Nos. 16, 98 and 120.
    1.016 -- From NOLA -- Trent McDuffie, CB Washington
    2.038 -- Accept the Falcons trade up to the Giants at 38. Renegades send pick No. 38 to the Falcons for Nos. 43 and 114.
    2.039 -- Kyler Gordon, CB Washington
    2.043 -- From ATL -- Nakobe Dean, MLB Georgia
    3.072 -- Travis Jones, NT Connecticut
    3.098 -- From NOLA -- Sam Howell, QB UNC
    4.111 -- Charlie Kolar, TE Iowa State
    4.114 -- From ATL -- Khalil Shakir, WR Boise State
    4.120 -- From NOLA -- Zach Tom, T/C Wake Forest
    5.155 -- James Mitchell, TE Virginia Tech
    6.201 -- Ryan Stonehouse, P Colorado State
    7.227 -- Jalen Wydermeyer, TE Texas A&M

    Blog entry 1: Initial plan was Sauce Gardner at 7, and Derek Stingley at 8. When Stingley went 3rd, I moved Ikem Ekwonu as my choice at 8. Sauce went 4th, and my plan altered to Ikem at 7 and Kyle Hamilton at 8. Ikem went 6th and I had Kyle Hamilton at 7 and wait to see if I could match a trade down while OTC. I waited as the 8th, 9th and 10th picks rolled off the board and was targeting either Devin Lloyd or Trent McDuffie. I was going to select Devin Lloyd when I saw the Saints trading up to 11 and accepted the same deal for pick 8. I was now on the board for 16 with my two choices of McDuffie and Lloyd. As the picks crept I decided on McDuffie as I was more confident either Lloyd or Dean would make it to one of my second round picks than I was of a CB1 like McDuffie, Elam, Gordon or Booth. I need both a CB1 and another potential CB2 to take over for Steven Nelson potentially and Lloyd is a bit older of a prospect for an additional tie breaker. I had Lloyd as a 90 grade initially and McDuffie as an 88, so the grades were close. Now that I landed McDuffie I'm less knocking McCreary for his arm length as I was in my initial grades and McCreary has drastically risen on my board (about 10 points ~83). I'm very excited for day 2.

    Blog entry 2: Was looking hard at McCreary as mentioned in my previous blog, and with him going off the board I traded 38 for 43 and 114 when I entered the clock, and Gordon was my clear next CB with Booth slightly behind him but with injury questions. Pairing both Washington CBs in Oakland. Booth remains on the board for future picks, but the injury concerns drop him although I feel this is his healthy range. Nakobe Dean is my top target upcoming, but felt comfortable with the slight trade back given reports of injury concerns and being a LB. Some depth at LB too if I get sniped.

    Blog entry 3: Andrew Booth goes 42, very happy to have gone with Gordon at 39 almost got locked out of my CB2 which was a high priority to me. Very happy to land Nakobe Dean. Loved both Devin Lloyd and Dean and was impressed with each of them off the field and their leadership abilities, getting one at value is absolutely ideal. I was willing to roll with another linebacker in the 3rd or 4th, but I really wanted one of the two I viewed as exceptional people and leaders in the second. Identity builder.

    Blog entry 4: On the wait to 72, I did not expect Travis Jones to still be there. Between Alim and Travis it's going to be a lot of blockers occupied for our linebackers to operate. I was initially going to target TE here, but with my collection of 4th rounders I'm going BPA once again.

    Blog entry 5: I'm up at 98 and had a little moment of disappointment when I saw the Colts move up, then they didn't take him. I want Howell. I had DeMarvin Leal written up for 98, who is not available after going to the Steelers in the 80s, and I'm moving Howell from the 4th where I had him only due to the QB slide to now. Love Howell and excited to add him to the QB room.

    Blog entry 5: Cade Otton off the board at the start of the 4th and a guy I was targeting in this round. Was hoping for Otton at 111 and Kolar at 114. New plan is Kolar at 111 and Khalil Shakir at 114.

    Blog entry 6: Torn between Jalyn Armour Davis and Zach Tom here upcoming at 120. edit: Oh Armour-Davis just went 119, that makes it easier.

    Blog entry 7: I'm debating Matthew Butler who I really liked, but I feel like I had one DT slot and I took Travis Jones. I still might want Butler as a 3tech, but I have Kingsley Keke, Marvin Wilson, Zach Allen and my 5 techs Charles Omenihu and AJ Epenesa could get snaps there. It's a rough competition for roster spots for my big boys. Alim and Jones are my top two DTs though, but I'm still intrigued in what Butler would add. My other considerations are Justyn Ross who would add a lot of size to my WR group, but I have Amari, Davis, and Crowder with DPJ, Cephus and rookie Khalil Shakir. I think the slot Ross would battle for is Cephus'. Thomas Booker and Curtis Brooks are two more DTs I like behind Butler, but same issue of how many capable bodies under contract, that also makes three guys if all remain on board to maybe wait. Punter Matt Araiza is on my radar, but I also really like Ryan Stonehouse and I may just continue waiting it out until one of the two goes or pick 227 comes up. I'm still slightly intrigued by some TEs mainly James Mitchell and might gamble on Wydermeyer developing behind Kolar, but I feel like that's more a 201 thought. I'm mostly leaning towards Butler v. Mitchell v. Ross. Getting one of the athletic freaks with insane size at CB would be something too, but I'm happy with my CB group after adding McDuffie and Gordon. Kingsley Enagbare I like around here as well, but I have Yetur behind Bosa and I'm not really looking to hold a third behind them. edit: 4 picks out and I'm leaning towards Mitchell because I see a clear path to the 53 man roster.

    Blog entry 8: I wrote: "Punter Matt Araiza is on my radar, but I also really like Ryan Stonehouse and I may just continue waiting it out until one of the two goes or pick 227 comes up." Well, Araiza went 180th, so at 201 I took Ryan Stonehouse. I have one more pick this year at 227 in the 7th, and Curtis Brooks, Justyn Ross, and Jalen Wydermeyer I mentioned in the previous post and as of right now at 201 are still available. I think I'd rank them Brooks, Ross and then Wydermeyer, but best chance to make the 53 man roster is the opposite order. Hopefully one or two (but not all three!) go off the board before 227 to make it easier. I liked Devin Harper as my sleeper 7th for a long time and thought Damone Clark's spine might make him available as well, but each of them is gone. Diesch and West OL from ASU would have been considered, but I addressed both T/C with Zach Tom in the 4th. Dontarrio Drummond the WR from Ole Miss might be my sleeper 7th at the moment.

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