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Thread: Hulky's Fake NFL Franchise

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    Oops 52 players, got to sign one more player.

    As a Navy veteran and GM of a fake team that doesn't have a long snapper... the 53rd spot on my roster will go to UDFA
    Michael Pifer, LS Naval Academy

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    Offensively we are excited about landing Tua Tagovailoa, and with no trade up there felt like a real chance we wouldn't land him with rumors of teams moving to Detroit's third spot. Once we landed Tua I felt like our offense should be vastly improved, and in the second round we wouldn't need to grab a WR like Mims and instead could could one of two ways. The first plan was making the defensive line a true strength long term by investing even more assets in the defensive line, which is the path I took. The other considered path was taking corners Jaylon Johnson and Kristian Fulton.

    Had we gone the other direction our edges would have remained Nick Bosa and Shaq Barrett, with interior lineman Zach Allen and Jurrell Casey. It's really appealing now in retrospect just as it was at the time. Johnson, Fulton, Mackenzie Alexander and Amik would have been a very good CB group and would have opened up moving on from Dre Kirkpatrick.

    However I valued building a bully more with depth and took Yetur and Epenesa. One reason was that I expect Shaq Barrett to command a tremendous contract next season and I don't think I'll be able to afford it. The other is I think this line has potential to elevate the play of the rest of the defense, because it can rotate and be fresh.

    I am looking to have Nick Bosa at a wide nine, then next to him in the 3 gap is Jurrell Casey, followed by Rashard Lawrence, then AJ Epenesa as a 5 tech base end. From Epenesa side I will have Shaq Barrett as a stand up blitzer mimicing a 3-4 look. These 5 are the pressure we will bring, with Zach Allen rotating with Casey and Epenesa, Lawrence rotating out in passing situations for a second 3 tech (Epenesa or Allen), and Yetur as a rotational rusher for Shaq Barrett and Nick Bosa.

    If all hell breaks loose and we have to move on from Casey and lose Shaq then we still have Bosa, Yetur, Allen, Epenesa, and Lawrence. This is the foundation of the team and our identity.

    The other trench was built up too. Arguably we over paid last offseason for Trent Brown, then we drafted Dalton Risner. Quessenberry is alright as a reserve, but the rest of the line was going to get Tua killed if we didn't revamp it. Signing Jack Conkin in free agency gave us book end power tackles, and then drafting Cushenberry as a center with rare positional length and Bredeson I'm happy. I almost wonder if Cushenberry and Risner would be better off flipping Risner played his freshman year as a center and his athleticism would be benefitual while Cushenberry's strength and length could work at guard. Regardless, I think this offensive line is worse than our defensive, but very solid and considerably better than where I feel an expansion team would be expected to be at. We can't afford to "David Carr" Tua. The only issue is our line is a real good looking power gap scheme looking line, and Gurley did a lot of work on outside zone runs. Gurley is only a 1 year deal though, so if it works it works, if not alright. Also we drafted Josh Jones to develop which was important as tackles can take a beating and both Trent and Jack has injury histories.

    Tua's weapons aren't fantastic, but they are roster able. Quintez Cephus will need to get more separation, and projecting him as the starter is a big ask, however last year we had Brice Butler -- soo we've upgraded the spot. Cephus impressed me with his possession catches and his ability to win 50/50 balls. He has hops, and so does Donovan Peoples-Jones our other rookie wide out. DPJ I drafted earlier, but is our projected backup because he is an athletic project in our view. We think he has WR1 upside, but needs time to develop into that player. This shortened offseason may harm that outlook as well and we likely look at the top crop of WRs next year and roll the wheel again. Harmon returns as a successful 5th round pick last year, and we hope Cephus can provide similar or better returns and DPJ as a longer term investment. Our slot Crowder looks to have a heavy load as the veteran of the group, and hopefully Ebron can focus and limit his drops to add another element. Rookie TEs Hunter Bryant looks like an athletic receiving option that is ready to roll as a #2 as long as his knees check out. I'm not too sad about his run blocking prospects as he was one of our 7th round picks and the receiving outlets aspect is more important right now for Tua. Pinkney I liked as a person and although he doesn't have the athletic profile I think he is a try hard and an effort guy that would be able to contribute.

    Littleton and Kevin Pierre Lewis should upgrade our LB corps, especially if Mack Wilson takes a step. Between Wilson and Littleton I believe we have two above average coverage linebackers which is a nice feeling when I intend to send 5 frequently at the QB. I like KPL and believe he may start over Wilson if Wilson doesn't take the necessary step this year, which is possible with the weird offseason.

    AJ Green, Lamar Jackson come in as depth CBs with the right build. It's funny that they have the superstar names, but I was targeting Dane Jackson as well, but Buffalo snagged him. I wanted some guys that could work in press man. I hope at least one of the two pans out so I don't need to go off on the position next offseason, but I am confident in Amik to lock down a spot. With Haha and Kojo on one year safety deals I think the defensive backs will be passable, especially due to what I consider an impressive front line that should generate considerable pressure.

    After last year not taking STers I'm happy to have landed Hot Rod and Charlton two guys I think can possibly be long term solutions at kicker and punter. I'm not demanding excellence, I just want NFL talent there.

    My expectations are about 6 to 8 wins with our WRs and DBs being the biggest issues. I hope for a break out from either group, but overall very excited for the future of the team especially with the foundations laid in the trenches and a franchise QB on board, just have to shed a few more of those starter expansion contracts this next year and the team should really take shape.

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    The St Louis Music claim Leonard Fournette 1y/4mil and waive Haha Clinton Dix

    sign Javin White minimum (corresponding move: waive Elijah Holyfield)

    QB: Tua Tagovailoa, Brett Rypien
    RB: Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette, Eno Benjamin, Bo Scarborough
    FB: Bronson Reichsteiner
    WR: Quintez Cephus, Emanuel Hall
    WR: Kelvin Harmon, Donovan Peoples-Jones
    Slot: Jamison Crowder, Anthony Johnson
    TE: Eric Ebron, Hunter Bryant, Jared Pinkney
    LT: Trent Brown, Trey Adams, Scott Frantz
    LG: Dalton Risner, Gage Cervenka
    C : Lloyd Cushenberry, Scott Quessenberry
    RG: Ben Bredeson, Jamil Douglas
    RT: Jack Conklin, Josh Jones

    4-3 Under multiple defense under 2nd year HC Kris Richard
    DT 5Tech/3Tech: AJ Epenesa, Tanoh Kpassagnon
    NT 1Tech: Rashard Lawrence, Gerald Willis
    3Tech/5Tech: Jurrell Casey, Zach Allen
    Edge Hand in dirt 9Tech: Nick Bosa, Yetur Gross-Matos
    Edge Stand up blitzer: Shaq Barrett, Duke Ejofor

    LB: Corey Littleton, Kevin Pierre-Lewis
    LB: Mack Wilson, Chase Hansen, Javin White

    CB: Dre Kirkpatrick, AJ Green (Oklahoma State)
    CB: Mackenzie Alexander, Lamar Jackson (Nebraska)
    Nickel: Amik Robertson
    FS: Deshon Elliott, Jaquan Johnson
    SS: Karl Joseph

    LS: Michael Pifer
    K: Rodrigo Blankenship
    P: Joseph Charlton

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    If anyone could give me feedback on roughly where they would think my team would be picking in the upcoming draft that would be much appreciated. With Tent Brown missing a lot of time, Josh Jones will have been the other tackle with Jack Conklin. With Bosa's injury Shaq Barrett and Yetur Gross Matos are the primary edges with Zach Allen and AJ Epenesa rotating as base ends and three techniques with Lawrence and Willis as nose. Tanoh gets rotation work at every position. Chase Hansen is the reserve 4th Safety.

    Bewteen my corners and receivers and having a rookie QB, I think there is argument for top 3 draft selection. On the other hand I think the OL, DL and run game are closer to league average and the rookie QB has limited interceptions and played winning football so I dunno. Any feedback (especially guess as to roughly where this team would be picking) is welcome as I'd like to start preparing a little bit for the draft and FA.

    [TAO Edit: People responded and I have the 2nd overall pick in this upcoming draft]

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    Cut: Trent Brown and Dre Kirkpatrick
    Were under contract so right to resign: Shaq Barrett, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Mackenzie Alexander, Karl Joseph, Todd Gurley, Leonard Fournette, Bo Scarbrough, Jamil Douglas

    QB: Tua Tagovailoa (through 2024), Brett Rypien (through 2022)
    RB: Eno Benjamin (through 2023)
    FB: Alec Ingold (through 2021), Bronson Reichsteiner (through 2023)
    WR: Quintez Cephus (through 2023), Emanuel Hall (through 2021)
    WR: Donovan People-Jones (through 2023), Kelvin Harmon (through 2022)
    Slot: Jamison Crowder (through 2021), Anthony Johnson (through 2021)
    TE: Eric Ebron (through 2021), Hunter Bryant (through 2023)
    LT: Josh Jones (through 2023), Trey Adams (through 2023)
    LG: Dalton Risner (through 2022)
    OC: Lloyd Cushenberry (through 2023), Scott Quessenberry (through 2021)
    RG: Ben Bredeson (through 2023)
    RT: Jack Conklin (through 2022)

    DE: AJ Epenesa (through 2023), Duke Ejiofor (through 2021)
    DT: Jurrell Casey (through 2022), Zach Allen (through 2022)
    DT: Rashard Lawrence (through 2023)
    DE: Nick Bosa (through 2023), Yetur Gross-Matos (through 2023)
    LB: Corey Littleton (through 2022)
    LB: Mack Wilson (through 2022), Chase Hansen (through 2021)

    CB: AJ Green [CLE/Ok State] (through 2023)
    CB: Lamar Jackson [NYJ/Nebraska] (through 2023)
    CB: Amik Robertson (through 2023)
    S: Jaquan Johnson (through 2022) Deshon Elliott (through 2021)

    K: Rodrigo Blankenship (through 2023)
    P: Joseph Charlton (through 2023)

    Without doing the math I think I have roughly 60-65 mil of cap space heading into the year

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    This is ugly on this forum, but it's the contracts I keep track and my cap total to keep in mind for FA signings


    Position / PFF Grade






    Tua Tagovailoa

    QB / 65.4




    (5th year option)

    Brett Rypien

    QB / 40.5




    Leonard Fournette

    RB / 59.8


    Eno Benjamin

    RB / NA




    Alec Ingold

    FB / 64.0



    Quintez Cephus

    WR / 64.8




    Donovan Peoples Jones

    WR / 71.8




    Jamison Crowder

    WR / 75.3


    Kelvin Harmon

    WR / NA



    Anthony Johnson

    WR / NA


    Emanuel Hall

    WR / NA


    Eric Ebron

    TE / 55.6


    Hunter Bryant

    TE / 72.1




    Jack Conklin

    OT / 84.3



    Josh Jones

    OT / 43.0




    Trey Adams

    OT / NA





    Dalton Risner

    OG / 61.3



    Ben Bredeson

    OG / 47.4






    Lloyd Cushenberry

    OC / 40.5

    Scott Quessenberry

    OC / 68.1


    Nick Bosa

    DE / 84.9



    Shaq Barrett

    DE / 70.7

    Yetur Gross Matos

    DE / 54.7




    Duke Ejiofor

    DE / NA


    AJ Epenesa

    DE/DT / 64.7




    Tanoh Kpassagnon

    DE/DT / 55.4

    Jurrell Casey

    DT / 74.4



    Zach Allen

    DT / 54.9



    Rashard Lawrence

    DT / 47.8




    Corey Littleton

    LB / 47.1



    Mack Wilson

    LB / 36.2



    Chase Hansen

    LB / 60.5


    Kevin Pierre Louis

    LB / 67.8




    Mackenzie Alexander

    CB / 60.4

    Amik Robertson

    CB / 42.2




    Lamar Jackson

    CB / 50.4




    AJ Green

    CB / 60.0




    Jaquan Johnson

    S / 53.9



    Deshon Elliott

    S / 66.6


    Karl Joseph

    S / 52.7


    Joseph Charlton





    Rodrigo Blankenship






    Cap total




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    That is by far the nerdiest post ever created about the NFL or any other professional sport, Hulky. Anywhere. I’m talking all-time.
    Very impressive.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hulky View Post
    My wife said the watch shown on the show said uh the bad guy groups name before Thanos.

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    Mine only a few years old, there's a lot people run for much much longer. I thought about it for years basically since Khalil Mack/Derek Carr 2014 draft I've done single season mock offseasons. Each year I kept wondering how I'd build off the last, and finally started this one the year Kyler Murray came out because I knew I didn't want him and could have to gamble a bit on who my QB would be. Free Agency tampering starts tomorrow so I'm excited to see what holes I can fill in my roster pre-draft. Also this is going to be year three so I kinda need a turn around a bit or I am going to fire the coaches... and if hiring coaches I might do a scheme change and thing I have to think about fit. It's pretty fun to do if you are really into NFL offseason. Then you can compare how much you suck comparatively or if you'd actually sport a good team for a long time. I think my team is decent for only two draft classes in and I don't think I'd be fired yet so that's good. Like I think my free agents and draft picks easily beat Mike Mayocks so far lol.

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    St. Louis Music Resign:
    Shaq Barrett 4y/68mil 17 per
    Kevin Pierre-Louis 2y/8mil 4per

    St. Louis Music sign:
    Kamu Grugier-Hill, LB 1y/3mil (IRL HOU 1y/2.5mil)
    John Johnson III, S 3y/37mil (IRL CLE 3y/33.75mil)
    Corey Davis, WR 3y/40mil (IRL NYJ 3y/37.5mil)
    Henry Anderson, DL 2y/8mil (IRL NEP 2y/7mil)
    Jamaal Williams, RB 2y/8.5mil (IRL DET 2y/7.5)
    Ahkello Witherspoon, CB 1y/4.4mil (IRL SEA 1y/4mil)
    Will Fuller V, WR 1y/11mil (IRL MIA 1y/10mil)
    Desmond King, CB 1y/4mil (IRL HOU 1y/3.5)
    Morgan Cox, LS 1y/1.4mil (IRL TEN 1y/1.1mil)

    St. Louis Music Release:
    Jurrell Casey, DT (two years remaining since we traded for him, but he got hurt last year, so I'm moving on for more depth signing money)
    Emanuel Hall, WR
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    We moved and changed team name because of another St. Louis team in the forum I run it on. We are now the Oakland Renegades.

    Additionally the Oakland Renegades are trading the 2nd selection of the 2021 NFL (1.002) draft to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for the 8th (1.008), and 39th (2.039) picks of the 2021 NFL draft as well as a 2022 2nd round pick that conditionally becomes a 2022 1st round pick if the Panthers advance past the Wildcard round of the playoffs.

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