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    I’ve kind of suspected that for a long time man and it’s okay.
    I obviously don’t know your family or any of the friends you say you don’t talk to anymore, but my guess is that they probably care about you and would like to find a way to reconnect with you somehow. Maybe you don’t want that, or maybe you have absolutely no fucking idea how to do it, but maybe it’s worth trying to figure out.
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    Doesn’t mean shit coming from me but I think it’s a bad move, now and for the future.
    I think it's a terrible move for the future. I'm not sure it's so awful for now, but I do question the timing of it. Mostly just glad Ramsey didn't go to Philly.

    Marcus Peters was only All-Pro in a zone scheme where he could sit back and watch the QB and try to jump routes. You'll see it sometimes when he makes big plays (he's made a few this year). But he also gets absolutely torched a lot because he likes to jump routes. So he's pretty much a boom-or-bust proposition - he's gonna give up long ass TDs but he's also gonna give you some takeaways. Jalen Ramsey on the other hand is rarely going to give up any TDs but is still going to make plays and take the ball away. Personally I don't think Peters is a top 10 CB overall in this league while Ramsey is probably top 3 or 4.

    That said... definitely an awful move for the future. Rams were already in win-now mode, and it's even more evident now. But I'm not sure it's the right move when you're 3-3 and the offense looks broken because the O Line can't block and your former All Star running back can't play, which is now exposing your middling QB

    Good move for the Jaguars though. Dump your disgruntled star for several high picks. If the Rams continue to be mediocre, those picks will actually be pretty decent too, unlike late 1st rounders which are often more just like 2nd rounders.
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