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Thread: For NFL fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Cheat View Post
    I heard the Jets offered Cousins like 30 million and year and he was like "lol jets."
    I feel bad for the Jets
    it's basically just Leonard Williams on that team and everyone else might as well be cut

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    Apparently Honey BAdger is worth 1 year 7 mil from the Texans

    def was expecting way more both in money and years

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    Well he does get hurt a lot.

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    I don't get the Jets/Colts trade unless it's for Barkley.....Don't get why Colts wouldn't wait to see who was on the table because Barkley would be huge there, but 3 extra 2nd's is a nice haul!

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    honestly honey badger hasn't been the same player since the injuries. i would not have given him a big money deal. i think a one year prove it deal works for both sides, but yeah i could see if he were trying to get more committment

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    Browns should trade #1 pick since getting Hyde and draft a secondary. They'd fuck around and accidentally make the playoffs. Hyde Gordon Landry is pretty intense.

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    I'd take Saquon #1 and trade #4 down because fuck the top QBs Mason Rudolph to develop behind Tyrod is the answer.

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    I support any variation of fuckery that doesn't end with Barkley to the giants.

    [ broke link:]

    [broke link:]
    it was short lived but it was fun <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Kash
    You're actually a stupid people.

    I Love Lex and want to have his babies

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog1321 View Post
    I support any variation of fuckery that doesn't end with Barkley to the giants.
    Lol word for word what I've heard from every Boys fan.

    In terms of my Bears, anyone less biased than me wanna give me any observations about this offseason? Because I really think we've got a solid A going into draft season.

    --Land Nagy, who clearly had other suitors.
    --Keep Fangio on as DC despite the regime change.
    --Extend Fuller/Amukamara, tender Callahan. Maybe Fuller's deal is a bit rich and they definitely could've dealt better there, but keeping together a good secondary with a good coach is something that's hard to do in the NFL. Bears have their's locked up for the foreseeable future between Fuller/Amukamara/Amos/Jackson/Callahan.
    --Bring in a true (I guess if you want to say *potential* you can) impact WR in Allen Robinson. Add additional depth to the passing game in Trey Burton and Taylor Gabriel. I also like the potentially sneaky acquisition of Aaron Lynch. Vic Fangio has done far more with far less on this Bears defense.
    --Very importantly, the extensions of Fuller/Amukamara and the Signings of Robinson/Gabriel mean that, at #8 in a WR/QB heavy draft, the Bears have, at least in my mind, complete freedom to draft from any position group they want. Ideally for me this would mean Quentin Nelson, but we'll see if he's even available at #8, but regardless, the idea that we wouldn't need to reach for Ward (I wouldn't mind Ward at #8 but I think there's a chance there's a better talent there) or Ridley/Sutton or any of that WR class is ideal to me.

    I mean the Bears aren't likely to make the playoffs in 2018, and the division is stacked and clearly the best QB division in football now with the acquisition of Cousins, but as a whole I think the organization has done an excellent job of rebuilding the team-- the defense in particular-- quickly after the decay of the fan-awfulness that was the Jay Cutler era.

    Again as a whole, I really like our position groups. Not as a whole depth chart but just as a list of pieces:

    Front 7: Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, Leonard Floyd, Danny Trevathan, (Aaron Lynch, Sam Acho, Kwitikowski(sp?), Willie Young)
    Secondary: Fuller--Amukamara--Callahan ; Amos -- Jackson
    O-Line: Cody Whitehair, Kyle Long, Charles Leno, (hopefully Quentin Nelson)
    Pass Catchers: Allen Robinson, Cameron Meredith, Taylor Gabriel, Trey Burton, Adam Shaheen
    Backs: Tarik Cohen (Could be under pass catchers, really like Tarik's chances at being a better utilized weapon both in the Nagy system and with more weapons to take the pressure off), Jordan Howard (narrow-dimensional, but an excellent YAC and bruiser).

    And then it really obviously comes down to what you get out of Trubisky, but I for one was very optimistic after the end of the first year. I was afraid Fox was going to ruin him, and really was not a fan of certain decisions made in game in regards to playcalling in particular under Fox/Loggains. I'm very optimistic about Nagy/Helfrich as a duo who could at least get the most out of even a bad QB. For whatever didn't look good in 2017 for Trubs, the arm talent still looked top of the first round.

    The Bears lost a lot of narrow games last year with a team who excelled at keeping it close, keeping it low scoring, and chewing clock if it got a lead. They lost some of those games in particular because they entered two minute drills with Josh Bellamy as the #1 WR and Daniel Brown as the #1 pass catching TE, not to mention Fox's insistence in using Benny Cunningham as the primary 2-Minute Back. With AR-12 in particular, those games should be at least a bit more win-able down the stretch. And as a team that excelled with defense, having the potential on offense that we do I believe gives the Bears the potential to be a team that is above average on both sides of the ball as soon as next year.

    Obviously the offense and performance of the team next year comes down to Trubs, but regardless of that I think the Offseason is going exactly to the dream of a Bears fan, at least from my perspective.

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    I hate the name+number nicknames so much.

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