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Thread: For NFL fans

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    Not thrilled with this draft tbh

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    The Raiders had a really good draft class. Not getting the "oh shit they got a stud" in the first made it feel bad, but the vision in the end was pretty good.

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    I'm thrilled with the Bears draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmarez View Post
    I wasn't sure if that was crazy good or... just crazy...

    I mean ther'es a lot of drama there.
    good point

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    Quote Originally Posted by bludhoundz View Post
    good point

    The broadcast discussed it but do you think Gordon is a positive or a negative for Callaway? Because I can easily see it being either. Is Gordon now the kind've guy who can offer support or are you missing more fuel to his fire and now you're going to have two rehabbing WRs when perhaps you could've gotten away with keeping them seperate.

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    That kind of thing is hard to say and I think a big reason why player "character issues" lead to drastically different evaluations and grades by teams before the draft. Judging how a person will impact the growth of others is pretty difficult unless they're a well respected veteran in which case the answer is usually that they will help that growth.

    I think it really depends on how much Gordon himself has changed and his demonstration of that. If Callaway can see Gordon as someone who's really escaped from a Johnny Football-like purgatory, then he should be a positive influence. That said, the effect would probably be stronger had Gordon come back a year earlier and re-established himself as a top tier wideout or something. Ultimately it's really anybody's guess but I think Gordon will try to help him out, and Callaway will have to meet him halfway. Of course, you have to factor the other guys into this too and I don't really know what to expect from Landry any more

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    I think Callaway with a paycheck immediately solves some of his issues as his character issues had to do with insurance fraud to try and get money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulky View Post
    The Raiders had a really good draft class. Not getting the "oh shit they got a stud" in the first made it feel bad, but the vision in the end was pretty good.
    Most of the analysts gave the raiders poor grades, but I guess that's why grading draft picks the day after is so stupid

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    I think particularly on the defensive end the Raiders have potentially the biggest boom or bust draft. It's funny because they got Kolton who some would have considered a reach at 15 (though as a Tackle, probably not) but got 1st Round Defensive talents in the 3rd and 5th in Key and Hurst. If Key's a head-case and Hurst is a heart-case, then I don't think it's a very good draft. If those two player's problems are over blown, they I think it's a great draft, because it's hard to find that kind of prolific talent late day 2 / early day 3, where comparatively my team the Bears drafted primarily defensive players from small universities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmarez View Post
    Hey Sano if we get Lorenzo Carter you gonna become a Bears fan lol?
    I just want Smith to destroy people at a high level in the NFL forever.

    I thought the Browns did an amazing job with their draft. They have enough talent to go from 1-31 to playoffs.

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