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Thread: TAO Gamer Servers Still Accessible 5-15-16

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    Default TAO Gamer Servers Still Accessible 5-15-16

    For those that aren't in the facebook group, you can still access the TAO game servers via a work around crafted by brutal:

    Since only the tactics arena website was shut down, but not the game servers, it is still possible to play the game right now. But you have to take advantage of some trickery I pulled together. Once you follow these instructions, you can play TAO using the "Play Now!" link on my site.

    On most windows machines, the hosts file is found at the following location: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\drivers\etc\hosts

    The line you need to add is this:

    For Mac Users:

    1.) Open terminal and type sudo nano /private/etc/hosts. Type in password if prompted and hit enter

    2.) Paste "" on a new line

    3.) Hit control+O

    4.) Hit enter/return

    5.) Hit control+X and exit out of terminal.

    6.) Launch web browser and go to ""

    At this point the web browser should automatically redirect to

    Click "Play Now" and you should be good. If the game doesn't load try clearing your cache or opening with a new web browser.

    I could use some company:


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    I've been on, it's just a little disappointing that nobody else is getting on even though we found a backdoor. I think we need to arrange games to coordinate the effort.

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    Does this still work

    Are you assholes happy now?

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    No Shurt they shut down months ago (like late May or June) the new Alpha by Unit of Time is playable TAO networked multiplayer released today.

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