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  1. That's so interesting. I'm the complete opposite. I hyperfocus on the lyrics and don't really like music where I only like the instrumental and not the lyrics.
  2. I'm really shit at music like I think I might have some sort of disability when it comes to it. I don't know the lyrics to anything. Like Happy Birthday is a struggle for me, and I can get maybe half of the words of the national anthem. Favorite songs type thing best I can get is maybe 5 words in a row. I like all kinds of music, but it's nearly impossible for me to understand what it is saying. The music I like best right now is Jay-Z's album that has The Story of OJ as track 2, but that's my least favorite on it. I like Eric Church as well, and rock from the 60s. Taylor Swift Folklore is probably the other somewhat new CD I like a lot, or the other CD like Folklore that came out basically the same time Last something Dynasty America. I'm like legitimately awful with lyrics though, if I hear a song seconds later the words are gone to me.
  3. I meant Dorothy my autocorrect got me on that one, lol.
  4. Dorothy Day she was an activist related to distributism.
  5. A while back you mentioned reading about Doris Day and today I was wondering if you've ever listened to the band Thrice. The singer/songwriter is a youth pastor (so not Catholic) but they have a similar world view I think. Their songs are all about philosophy and faith and some have a strong anti-war slant so I'd say while I don't know how they identify politically they definitely lean left. I don't know your taste in music but I definitely think you'd at least find their lyrics interesting.

    Edit: My favorite album by them is Beggars and my favorite song is In Exile from that same album.

    Edit: also I don't know if you like CS Lewis but that is one of the songwriters biggest influences.
  6. haha yeah it's $350 today, a football site I read was posting about it a month or two ago and I couldn't believe he was recommending GameStop. Like his argument made sense, but it's such a fucked company I thought, like do PS5 and Xbox Series X even use game games or downloads. I passed, but when I see him on Facebook he's gloating like no ones business lol. I'm not touching it though. AMC movie theaters is doing a similar craziness. I think it's the thought this is near the end of COVID and if they aren't bankrupt now they might make it, haven't looked but I would assume like Expedia TripAdvisor types would be other potential booms.
  7. Have you seen this ridiculous GME thing? Melvin Capital got greedy shorting GME when it was at $4 and now it is over $150.
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