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    09-22-2023, 10:07 PM
    Wizzy posted a visitor message on The Butcher's profile
    ive been busy playing/editing/uploading for youtube. it's super f'n addicting ever since views and subs started happening. but it'd be cool to make a rust video for the channel. just really tired tonight ate 600mg gummies and just wanna eat a...
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    last night we gambled at the bandit camp for a couple hours and had an insane amount of fun.
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    should get on tonight

    or if you dont want, im streaming our server rn
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    Much, much longer than you have ever realized...
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    I AIN'T GAYx
  5. Shit he's on to me.. Looks like I'll have to ban you to prevent my secrets from being exposed.
  6. Well, if I'm red on this forum it can only mean one thing...
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    A while back, I posted the song "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by the punk band Bauhaus, and you repped me saying "this song gave me anxiety." I laughed at your comment and thought, yeah, it's pretty spooky - I can see how this could be unpleasant to listen to if you weren't in the mood for it. Then yesterday I blazed and was listening to some music on Spotify, and this came on. I had to stop it halfway through because my heart was beating faster and it was killing my buzz. And I immediately thought of you.
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  9. I've always been a bot
  10. factual

    damn its been a while since i logged onto this forum

    accept my friend request on discord already so we can talk again lol
  11. You know what's up!

    Terribly sorry but I hope you had a good birthday buddy!
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    Man...I got a new computer and I lost all my ridiculous paint cuts of the turnip +(. Very sad
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    Fair enough video. He made a couple of good points but just sounded like a crying fanboy.
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    Also…I’ll do a more proper apology, because the earlier posts are more so me stream of conscious walking through what I think my thought process was.

    I don’t think it occurred to me that you were mad about that, I had a sense you were annoyed about something when you left because I knew some people were in contact with you but you wouldn’t accept my friend request. I figured you wanted space. My intention was never to personally call you out on being able to post in a thread, but I can understand why you felt that way. I’m sorry about that, and I should have approached that better.
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    No idea what supermega is
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    I don't remember the exact context about specifically trying to keep you out because you had some privilege's. That sounds like something I would do though. I'm a very rules based person, it wouldn't have been because I didn't trust you to not disrupt it, it would have been more like I had given myself a task to lock down the thread as much as possible without messing up PS, and I would have used your elevated privileges as a good like benchmark for succeeding in that.
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    Ohhhhhh man...I am so sorry, I didn't realize that was the problem. I am really sorry, if I had realized I would have reached out outside of discord earlier.
    I was actually reaching out to you in private to help me verify if I had successfully locked the thread down so ONLY PS could post in it. I didn't want tell the whole tao group to try posting and then get like a dozen posts in the thread all at once. It wasn't supposed to be a joke, or even like a fuck you haha kinda thing. I was just trying to help PS organize his tournament better. +(
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    W/e it was...I consider you a fairly good friend that I have known for years. If you needed space or wanted to vent about me, I'd try to take it in stride. Hope you are doing better these days...and it's good to see you are back.
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    I honestly don't know what you are talking about lol...what did you say?
  20. nah, you weren't bothering me. you're right i've been having a hard time and it has caused me to be less responsive, sorry about that. i just needed some time to get back to you and when i tried replying 2 days later i couldnt message you
  21. oi did you block me on discord
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    Hi Wizzy! Glad you're alive! All hail Megachusetts! All my sentences end in exclamation points now!
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    That was a great thread and a good time.
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    miss you
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