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    I made a button that made
    tags, but when I implemented it it turned all the signatures into just [img] and the closed version.

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    Let's start using this to report bugs again.

    I already see an issue with a deprecation warning at the top of the forums sometimes when you leave the main page.

    Let me know what shit you guys find and I'll try to take care of it. I don't get paid for this, so your mileage may very, but after the issue with the file count, we can try to be a little more on top of some of these issues as a community.

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    Should.. be good now?

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    I'm not getting any bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystery) View Post
    I'm not getting any bugs
    Talk to cattbroe, he'll hook you up.

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    Why is the forum so slow and buggy? It's worse than Facebook's new theme.

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    Eh, nvm. I was having internet problems. Surely was not my NASA computer.

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    Is there a way to keep myself signed in? I have not timed it but I get signed out fairly often. I have already tried the Remember Me? check box.

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    Play a little 5 on 1? Hit the kitchen, mix a batch? Feed the ducks? Distribute some free literature?

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