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Thread: TAO Hall of Fame

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    Well, ideally we would just allow for open nominations. Make a list of all the categories, however that would work out for either forum personalities or greatest players or what have you, and then allot each forum member 10 nominations to make across all categories. Then, make it so that something like 5-10 nominations are required for each individual nominee in each individual category to be put on a ballot. This ballot will then be presented to the whole of TAO, we all vote for one winner in each category. Afterwards, someone tallies votes and awards are issued.

    You can play with the numbers a bit depending on how many categories there are, obviously, but it's good to give each forum member an equal, but potentially varied, say in who gets awarded what. This is the best way to do that, I think.

    Putting categories together will be quite the undertaking, though, especially if we want to do a thorough and accurate job. Also, if the nomination process is too laborious, most will probably not take the time to submit a full nomination list/ballot. This ends up leaving the awards process in the hands of the passionate few, which will no doubt inspire many heated arguments and personal insults.
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    There doesn't have to be a vote. We all know that the one member of the hall of fame is Jeffery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpionz View Post
    There doesn't have to be a vote. We all know that the one member of the hall of fame is Jeffery.
    Nahh.. Hall of creepers maybe.. lol
    The one and only. GG.

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