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Thread: Hulky's Fantasy Football Rankings

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    Default Hulky's Fantasy Football Rankings

    This is an irrelevant position this year, imo. The QB position is very deep as long as you aren't in our 20 person league. Even then only maybe 1 or 2 teams end up with a shit tier QB like Cutler or Bortles who both have 4k, 25TD potential. The interesting part of this position group this year is Cam Newton and Andrew Luck dealing with fairly serious injuries and how they rank. The difference from Derek Carr (fringe top 5 positionally on most rankings) and Eli/Palmer/Wentz/Stafford/Dalton (who usually make up the 15-20 tier) isn't enough to have a significant investment in QB early unless you fear the QB run or are set on a specific guy. Rodgers, Brady and Brees make up the elite three with 5k 40td potential, but beyond that their is little reason to go after the position (unless you gamble on a Luck/Newton overcoming injury, as they have elite production potential as well, but I'd handcuff them with another top 20 guy for insurance). Basically I see the run on QBs this year in our league going top 3 in round 1, then Luck/Newton/Ryan going rounds 2-3, then a slow selection of the 6-15 QBs until Luck/Newton drafters grab their insurance which causes another run to get elite bye week guys and a rush to not have to start Cutler/Dalton tier guys

    01. David Johnson, ARI Bye 8 (Obviously a top pick)
    02. LeVeon Bell, PIT Bye 9 (Obviously a top pick, but injury and suspension history make him a notch below Johnson)
    03. Ezekiel Elliot, DAL Bye 6 (Obviously a top pick, but slight downgrades from last years superstar offensive line, and less PPR opportunities, make him RB3)
    04. LeSean McCoy, BUF Bye 6 (This is the drop of point from the ultra-elite, McCoy has ultra-elite talent though -- just on the Bills. New system seems like a great fit, but he is 29. Should be the focus of his offense and has RB1 upside if things break his way.)
    05. DeMarco Murray, TEN Bye 8 (Higher ranked than most rankings, DeMarcos only true negative is the presence of Derrick Henry. Top rushing OL, and WR upgrades remove pressure from the box. Should be Murray's second best year of his career.)
    06. Jordan Howard, CHI Bye 9 (Howard has one of the best interior OL in the league, but nothing at OT. Sitton/Whitehair/Long though can get push up the middle and pull very well. Chicago also has a less than average passing game that will be hurt by the lack of OT, increasing Howard's passing short game potential. He is the focus of his offense, although not a good offense.)
    07. Todd Gurley, LAR Bye 8 (Like Howard he is the offense, unlike Howard Gurley does not have the elite interior OL and the passing game is absolutely terrible. Gurley has top talent though and his young coach is an offensive expert so he should perform well and be featured even if his team can't produce elite numbers.)
    08. DeVonta Freeman, ATL Bye 5 (Got paid, lost his OC and has Coleman looming behind him. I see a regression and that's why I have him lower than most, but he has been a top RB the last two years and you have to respect that.)
    09. Leonard Fournette, JAX Bye 8 (Tom Coughlin is remaking the Jaguars identity, and that has to include de-emphasizing Bortles and feeding Fournette. Even with Bortles being subpar, the threat of Robinson and Hurns on long balls should let Fournette have opportunities. A subpar OL keeps Fournette from having Ezekiel type upside.)
    10. Lamar Miller, HOU Bye 7 (Likely should be higher, but I don't trust Houston's offensive line especially after a failed attempt to sign Austin Howard. Rookie QB and a massive hole on the right side of the line limits Miller, but Miller's talent keeps him in the top 10.)
    11. Jay Ajayi, MIA Bye 11 (Boom/Bust tier of players just outside the top 10. Fears are Cutler INTs limiting opportunities, and injury concerns)
    12. Melvin Gordon, LAC Bye 9 (Boom/Bust tier of players just outside the top 10. Fears are investments in OL are already injured and his value was heavily TD based last year.)
    13. Dalvin Cook, MIN Bye 9 (Very high upside rookie. Will be underrated by most as they fear Murray and McKinnon, but Cook will almost assuredly be the workhorse. Cook has no weakness that demands he be committeed, and is superior in every facet outside raw athleticism and speed to Murray and McKinnon. Bradford accurate short passing game also complements Cooks strengths.)
    14. Isiah Crowell, CLE Bye 9 (Underrated OL with Thomas, Bitonio, and K. Zeitler all being top 5 at their positions. Tretter has been sucessful in stacked OLs before and Coleman/Erving competition could provide at least Austin Howard-tier production to make this a top 4 OL. When healthy OL, Crowell was one of the top backs in the NFL, but crashed hard once injuries up front set in. If Osweiller and or Kizer provide an upgrade to RG3/Kessler, Crowell should be in this tier again this year. Fears are Duke Johnson breakout or injuries surrounding effecting development leading to a limiting of Hue Jackson's offense.)
    15. Christian McCaffrey, CAR Bye 11 (Would be ranked higher if Carolina had a better offensive line and if the threat of JStewart and Curtis Samuel was lower. McCaffrey is a special player though, and will make things happen.)
    16. Carlos Hyde, SF Bye Bye 11 (Kyle Shannahan's system makes normal RBs great, and Hyde should do very well. He is on a team that isn't very good and his hold on the job isn't secure though which makes him a bargain version of Freeman imo.)
    17. Joe Mixon, CIN Bye 6 (The most talented player outside of the top 5, but has extreme competition from Hill and Gio. The OL downgraded as well with Zeitler going to CLE and Whitworth to the Rams. Concerns over his foot also detract, but as long as he can flash in a preseason game or two I think Mixon fits around the 15-20 range for RBs.
    18. Mark Ingram, NOLA Bye 5 (Would be much higher if not for the AP signing. I think they both end up with roughly 800 yards and a handful of TDs, but the presence of the other limits individual upside.)
    19. Adrian Peterson, NOLA Bye 5 (Ditto Ingram, except he is 32.)
    20. Marshawn Lynch, OAK Bye 10 (I think Lynch is a 40 yards and a TD a game type RB this year. Richard and Washington will see reps to keep Lynch fresh. Injury questions as well after a year off.)
    21. Jamaal Williams, GB Bye 8 (I can't see Williams not winning the GB job, and I like him a lot. He isn't athletically elite, but he is a pretty good RB that was under drafted in real life. GB presents a great situation outside of OL downgrades, but the explosive offense should be a good opportunity.)
    22. CJ Anderson, DEN Bye 5 (Supposedly is in great shape, but the Broncos OL is an issue as well as their QB, and CJ's injury past.)
    23. Paul Perkins, NYG Bye 8 (Almost has to be the guy in NYG, who should feature a good offense. In a similar situation in UCLA Perkins thrived. I think he is a good flex option.)
    24. Danny Woodhead, BAL Bye 10 (If Woodhead wasn't coming off a knee injury he'd be higher. BAL's RB corps has been hit with injuries to the point I could see Woodhead being at his most featured role of his career. He is the new Forsett, but with injury concerns.)

    Watch for RB Committee winners:
    1. Ameer Abdullah, DET Bye 7 (Investments in OL [TJ Lang, Ricky Wagner] boost the right side significantly, where injury to LT Taylor Decker decreases pass protection. Someone between Ameer and Theo Reddick should have a very good year. Ameer is the only of Committee and Handcuff picks I'd place in the top 16, but the risk of injury and Reddick makes him the top alternate instead.)
    2. Samaje Perine, WAS Bye 5 (to Robert Kelley, who I'd ignore. Perine is most known for his monster game at Oklahoma years ago, but was the power punch complementing Mixon more recently. I like his fit in Washington, but Kelley is similar-ish and a veteran so it's a tough investment.)
    3. Matt Forte, NYJ Bye 11 (I'd ignore the Jets almost completely, but Forte could be a good committee pick with Bilal likely being the starter. The Jets are devoid of talent and stacked boxes may wreck Bilal's debut and Forte's ability in the short passing game, about the only place the Jets have potential offense with essentially no QB and no WRs with Enunwa's neck injury, could be necessary to their play calling.)

    Top Handcuffs:
    1. Derrick Henry, TEN Bye 8 (to Demarco, and I would only target high if invested in Demarco, but shoots up to just outside RB10 if DeMarco is injured.)
    2. Jacquizz Rodgers, TB Bye 11 (to Doug Martin, who is coming off a drug rehab)
    3. James Conner, PIT Bye 9 (to LeVeon Bell who was been suspended in the past, Conner is a physical runner and there is no more DeAngelo handcuff in the way [and DeAngelo was a top handcuff prior])

    01. Antonio Brown, PIT Bye 9 (Obviously a top pick)
    02. Odell Beckham, NYG Bye 8 (Obviously a top pick, but below Brown in case of Eli further regression)
    03. Julio Jones, ATL Bye 5 (Obviously a top pick, should increase TD and decrease yards with Shannahan gone. Has injury concerns that Brown and Beckham don't)
    04. Mike Evans, TB Bye 11 (Next best, has the potential to be the best due to his TD production. Gets to beat up Saints, Jets, and then Falcons for fantasy playoffs.)
    05. Jordy Nelson, GB Bye 8 (The addition of Bennett may effect Nelson's ability of getting insane TD production, but being further removed from injury Nelson remains at or near the top of the second tier of WRs.)
    06. AJ Green, CIN Bye 6 (With Whitworth and Zeitler gone perhaps Dalton has less time to throw, however Green was super dominate when healthy last year. I think Green should be taken around WR6)
    07. TY Hilton, IND Bye 11 (If Luck is healthy Hilton is underrated. Hilton has Julio Jones type number potential, but is undersized. Numbers count for fantasy though, and Hilton has better production in his system than any of the guys ranked below him.)
    08. Dez Bryant, DAL Bye 6 (Dez is talented enough to be ranked alongside any of the top four guys, but the Boys run the ball heavily and Dez has injuries the last couple years.)
    09. DeAndre Hopkins, HOU Bye 7 (QB upgrade to Watson, if he starts. Regardless Hopkins is playing in a contract year and will ball out.)
    10. Brandin Cooks, NE Bye 9 (Lateral move from Brees to Brady, but NE has a coaching staff that always gets the most out of weapons. Cooks should put up monster numbers, but maybe not monster TDs.)
    11. Michael Thomas, NOLA Bye 5 (Tier 3, and the last tier of "I have a WR1". He is Brees' top option this year, which means stats)
    12. Amari Cooper, OAK Bye 10 (Tier 3, and the last tier of "I have a WR1". Cooper has very high upside that would dictate the tier above, but Crabtree, Lynch and Jared Cook may limit red zone looks.)
    13. Keenan Allen, LAC Bye 9 (Tier 3, and the last tier of "I have a WR1". With Mike Williams, the 7th overall pick, being hurt and Allen coming back, Allen will be WR1 status again, but high injury concerns.)
    14. Alshon Jeffery, PHI Bye 10 (I think Wentz takes the next step with his improved WR corps, and Jeffery is the top weapon of that offense)
    15. Terrelle Pryor, WAS Bye 5 (One year wonder, but who knows. I'm scared the Browns didn't offer him more money, but he could be a WR1.)
    16. Tyreek Hill, KC Bye 10 (I wonder if Alex Smith holds him back, but Hill has insane game breaking speed to be a TY Hilton tier.)
    17. Sammy Watkins, BUF Bye 6 (Injury concerns, but very good when healthy)
    18. Demaryius Thomas, DEN Bye 5 (QB concerns, but Dez Bryant tier otherwise)
    19. Doug Baldwin, SEA Bye 6 (TDs are his value, which is risky, but he has put up big TD numbers fairly consistently, budget Jordy Nelson)
    20. if not guilty of recent accusation: Jarvis Landry, MIA Bye 11

    The "I'm a QBs very good second option" Tier (Taken around the WR1s, not listed above [ie. Kelvin Benjamin, Allen Robinson, Golden Tate, Larry Fitzgerald)
    Davante Adams, GB Bye 8
    Martavis Bryant, PIT Bye 9
    Michael Crabtree, OAK Bye 10
    Willie Snead, NOLA Bye 5
    Julian Edelman, NE Bye 9
    Brandon Marshall, NYG Bye 8

    01. Rob Gronkowski, NE Bye 9 (Obviously the best, but injury concerns)
    02. Travis Kelce, KC Bye 10 (Kelce is probably the top target in KC with Hill being the greatest threat.)
    03. Jimmy Graham, SEA Bye 6 (Lost weight, should help his game off the patella tendon tear. Year removed from injury)
    04. Tyler Eifert, CIN Bye 6 (Back from injury, could return to be the TD threat he was)
    05. Greg Olsen, CAR Bye 11 (He used to be TE2, but now he is a little older and the influx of weapons should decrease his value a little)
    06. Jordan Reed, WAS Bye 5 (Injury concerns, but he is the Redskins top option.)
    07. Martellus Bennett, GB Bye 8 (Going from Gronks sidekick laterally to Rodgers, but now as a #1 should make him a top TE)
    08. Delanie Walker, TEN Bye 8 (TEN added two WR upgrades, so his role as the top receiver is in danger, still talented)
    09. O.J. Howard, TB Bye 11 (Super talented rookie, and with Evans and Desean keeping safeties honest, he should carve up the seam)
    10. Zach Ertz, PHI Bye 10 (Top receiving option with a history with Wentz. Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith are on the outside and either Matthews or Agholor is in the slot. Ertz is the only one assured of a starting role with Wentz history.)
    11. Hunter Henry, LAC Bye 9 (Behind Allen, Henry is Rivers best target. Gates will snipe a few looks in the redzone, but it's Henry's role now.)
    12. Julius Thomas, MIA Bye 11 (Reunited with Gase, who he had his best years under, and now with Cutler who has pumped up TEs stats before Thomas is worth a gamble, but isn't an elite option).
    Deep Sleepers:
    David Njoku, CLE Bye 9 (Super athletic, and might be the top deep threat on the Browns. Browns have developed TEs fairly well with Gary Barnidge (gone) and Jordan Cameron recently.)
    Erik Swoope, IND Bye 11 (He is nothing more than a very very deep sleeper, but this guy could be the next young Jimmy Graham. All he has to do is beat out Jack Doyle to become Luck's #2 option. Even if Doyle holds on, the Colts feature a ton of two TE looks, and Swoope is the big play passing option, don't be surprised when everyone knows his name by years end.)

    01. Houston, Bye 7 (Plays 49ers and Browns in fantasy playoffs, womp womp against Steelers for Championship though)
    02. Denver, Bye 5 (Plays Jets, Colts then Skins in fantasy playoffs)
    03. Chiefs, Bye 10 (#3 based on Hill's ST play for TDs, Plays Raiders, Chargers, Dolphins in fantasy playoffs)
    04. Seahawks, Bye 6 (Plays Jaguars, Rams and Cowboys in fantasy playoffs)
    05. Cardinals, Bye 8 (Plays Titans, Redskins, Giants in fantasy playoffs)
    06. Chargers, Bye 9 (Plays Redskins, Chiefs, Jets in fantasy playoffs)
    07. Patriots Bye 9 (Plays Dolphins, Steelers, Bills in fantasy playoffs)
    08. Vikings, Bye 9 (Plays Panthers, Bengals, Packers in fantasy playoffs)
    09. Giants Bye 8 (Plays Cowboys, Eagles, Cardinals in fantasy playoffs)
    10. Jaguars Bye 8 (Plays Seahawks, Texans, 49ers in fantasy playoffs)
    11.Ravens Bye 10 (Plays Steelers, Browns, Colts in fantasy playoffs)
    12. Panthers Bye 11 (Plays Vikings, Packers, Buccs in fantasy playoffs)
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    Good stuff, Hulky. I think Eddie Lacey is gonna be good for Seattle though. Like 1100 yards and 10
    TDs good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
    Good stuff, Hulky. I think Eddie Lacey is gonna be good for Seattle though. Like 1100 yards and 10
    TDs good.
    Yeah I didn't list him or Rawls (or Prosise), because I think it's like Ingram/AP (Kamara) on the Saints, just with more questions (and I have Ingram AP at 18/19). I think Rawls or Lacy is probably missing, but it's not something I'd want a part of in top 25. Like I could see 1100 10td for Lacy, or roughly 550 5td for all three of Rawls/Lacy/Prosise because of OL questions, health questions and their not being a super solid starting option. I think Rawls is currently the #1, but Lacy likely becomes RB1 at some point with performance or Rawls injury. Just too many questions for top 25 I think.

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    I understand leaving them out. Rawls has talent but he hasn't been healthy for a full season since high school or something. Starting to see why he went undrafted. I like Procise a lot but they'll use him on 3rd down and swing passes. It might take a couple games to shake out, but I believe Lacey will be the main back and get most of the carries and TDs. He's coming to a team and town that values running the ball, and from a place that doesn't. I really think he'll find his second life and shine here.
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    My wife said the watch shown on the show said uh the bad guy groups name before Thanos.

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    Just warning everyone on the Jordan Howard hype train right now that you're gonna be in for Todd Gurley's sophomore slump again. Seriously that team is hot ass I don't know how you can draft a guy like him over Devonta Freeman or Melvin Gordon. Yeah the interior line is good, but have you checked the numbers for Howard? When there were 7+ in the box his YPC went down to like 3 or something really garbage whereas most of his best work was against light boxes.

    Also surprised you ranked DeAndre Hopkins as a top 10 WR in fantasy. QB play impacts WRs a ton and I'm not expecting a whole lot there. I would expect him to be mid WR2 range if anything

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    jamaal williams i don't think will start before week 5 or 6 at least

    [ broke link:]

    it was short lived but it was fun <3
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    I got the first pick in my 10 team money league i've been in for over a decade. Who should I pick?

    yahoo league, standard rules. 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 K 1 DF/ST

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    I think you could pick anyone of Bell, Johnson or Brown and have reason to do it.

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    Flip a coin. If its tails, David Johnson. Heads, also David Johnson. Bell is also a fine pick.

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    glad i asked because I literally have never heard of 'david johnson' in my life.

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