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Thread: TAO Top 100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madamos View Post
    How high did the other accounts need to be to even gain 1 stat?
    to get from 2354 to 2355 an 1800 would give you 1 stat, but a 1750 wouldn't. 1758 is the lowest to get the single stat. Beating a 2000 stat opponent gives you two points, but would only give you 1 to 2400.

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    I played as Zoticus yr. 2005+ mostly, but before that [-BrAd-] Jan 2004, [-BrAnDoN-] yr. 2004, Lord_Saruman yr. 2004, yr. 2005 Lord_Sauron. Without knowing who Bottle was and just entering the game, I was the one who played as Bottle on Army. I had no idea it was even a big deal until I joined the TAO forums for some help from DivineRight and noticed Bottle making a commotion about someone "dropping a Bottle" on Army. Bottle was my first gold account too and it didn't make since at the time why so many high ranking golds wanted to play me. I'm sure I disappointed them.

    I consumed too much alcohol and smoked too much pot to remember TAO olden days like some of you. My opinion, you cannot seriously name a GOAT because there were too many game style changes and eras. Example: Michael Jordan and LeBron James. There were/are lots of GOATs. But the list is amazing, truly amazing. I do not recognize/remember a lot of the names as I only played on Army/Rev and Legends. I read the entire thread and think everyone made valid points, not sure if anyone was right over the other. It's all just opinions.

    I do not think I belong on the list, probably not even top 500. Millions of people played this game. I only played in a few tournys, never got past a two game winning streak in a tourny. I loved to play TAO but close games would stress me out and my heart would be pounding as if I was being chased by someone who wanted to kill me. I like to think that I was above average as I played the game 2004-2008ish. I could legit get my grey stats to 1250+ in a month and gold 1450+ before I started getting spanked by the greats. Rev stats without boosting was 1005. I think the highest I got was 1550 before I boosted. After boosting and getting caught I pretty much quit playing the game. I would try to come back after 2009 but every time I would be so lost and the game was beyond me with new added units and strategies. I did however clan whore around Army, which was not an accomplishment considering Army was thought of as a wasteland/newbie server. Some of the clans I was in (even if briefly and some just in Rev): SI, KotR, LotR, Pyro Pyrates, Judgment, TDP, *Jokers Wild*, TAO ANGELS, Omni and many more I don't remember. I don't think I was in any of them during their prime besides *JW*, TAO ANGELS and LotR. *JW* was my favorite because I was a kid and all the drama it brought. I don't think there were many clans that *JW* didn't steal from and I helped recruit them before *JW* launched on Army. Started many clans on Army including a Grey Jumpers that got pretty popular. I was in a lot of boosting rings that included many of the top Army Ranking list. It was unbelievable how many people boosted before the ranking system that showed your games. Had a friendship with Bullcat0 or maybe it was Bobcat? idk but it was on Army, I think it was before and during *JW* and I was in my prime then. I could hold my own. That is my TAO story and honorable mention.

    TAO was a big part of my teenage years. Especially the forum, I wanted to fit in sooo bad. Great times, I learned a lot from TAO.
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    It was likely bullcat on Army. Bobcat was from Legends and I don't think he was very active except on TianChao(?) on Rev. Also JW sucks. NJ4lyf

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    so just FYI, i still appreciate all the work that went into this and check it every once and a while for fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gryph View Post
    I still demand justice. When / if this game goes live again I'ma smack the fuck outta all y'all.

    Go go fight the power. -- here ya go

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Butcher View Post
    so just FYI, i still appreciate all the work that went into this and check it every once and a while for fun
    Thanks, TB. Or you're from Philly, right? What's the correct expression for expressing thanks? Go fuck yourself.

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