Free Agency 2022 (edit as moves happen)
2022 Draft Picks

Morgan Cox, LS 1y/1,272,500
Desmond King, CB 2y/7,000,000

Alec Ingold, FB 1y/2,433,000

Nick Bosa, DE 4y/120,000,000 (instead of the ~11mil this year and 30 per the following 4 years, it is ~35mil this year then 24mil per in 23, 24, 25, 26)

Trade acquisitions
Amari Cooper, WR
La'el Collins, RT

Free Agents
James Daniels, IOL 3y/29mil (9,666,666 apy)

above is copy paste from my other thread. Still looking to resign Jamison Crowder and Deshon Elliott just waiting to see if their real life contracts beat what I could do. I fake extended Nick Bosa for top defender money where in real life I think SF is waiting. I wanted to push some money forward (which SF would not want to do lol) so I did mine now. I think 30 per is something he'd take especially after losing 1 of his first three years to a knee injury I'm sure money now instead of 4th year, option year, then messing with franchise tags and all that. James Daniels is going to be in a weird competition in the summer, he'll play RG if Wyatt Davis is worse at his job than Lloyd Cushenberry is at center and Daniels will play center if the reverse is true. The loser would become the primary reserve interior lineman. I traded my second fourth round pick, then swapped in the 5th and 6th for Amari and La'el. The picks have changed otherwise a bit because of comp picks.