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Thread: Tao Fantasy Football 2022

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    Default Tao Fantasy Football 2022

    So, we fuckin?

    [ broke link:]

    it was short lived but it was fun <3
    Quote Originally Posted by Kash
    You're actually a stupid people.

    I Love Lex and want to have his babies

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    I think I renewed it earlier like late June.

    I set an initial time/date of
    August 27
    4:15 PM

    but if you guys want something different go for it. Blud said he didn't want his spot back this year so I just did autorenew of last years.

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    I'm back in

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    We fuckin?

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    I literally just remembered that I was in this league, and thought it was really weird I hadn't heard anyone talking about it on the forums. I cannot make the 8/27 draft. If we're still considering when to hold it, I'd vote to push it back a week.

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    Got one vote for move it back a week (KB) three for don't care any weekend (Aids, manon, Sano). I dunno what to do since the turnout is so low.

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    probably the best thing to get TAOers together outside of TAO that ever existed

    rip TAO FF

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog1321 View Post
    So, we fuckin?
    Quote Originally Posted by 007 GOD View Post
    We fuckin?
    Seems there is some interest..

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    It's def firing just some can't make the draft

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    I should be able to make the draft regardless of when it is at this point. Looking forward to some redemption after missing it last year and having a shit team all season.

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