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Thread: For NFL fans

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    Default For NFL fans

    I started the last one a decade ago. Might as well keep it going.

    Favorite Teams :

    Blexican : Cowboys

    Thunder : Cowboys

    Hulky : Raiders

    Hugh : Seahawks

    Gryph : Jets

    LeX : Giants

    The One : 49ers

    KAP(PA) : Patriots

    Spencer : Bills

    Toledo : Jaguars
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    I'm stoked for the draft. First year in a while where I legit have no idea what the Raiders will do.

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    Go Seahawks.
    I want to draft all linemen. O or D is fine, but I'm shopping in bulk. If you're not 300 + I can't use you.

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    I haven't followed the draft too closely this year, but I kinda hope the Saints draft Laquon Treadwell. The loss of Stills, Colston, Graham, Watson, and others the past couple of years needs to be addressed with more than Cooks and Fleener. Still, the defense was historically bad so I guess they should address that first. The offense was still ranked very high, but they didn't look nearly as fluid last year (or the year before).

    I also told myself that I would become a fan of an LA football team if we ever got another one, so I guess I should embrace the Rams. Not sure how to feel about that one yet. :|
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    I'm waiting for another John Abraham moment from my Jets with Wilkerson. Because y'know...Mediocrity.

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    Has Hulky done a super in depth mock draft yet? I always enjoy them. Also sterling shepard is gonna be the best WR out of this years class.

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    I haven't done one this year because I thought there was going to be trades at the top. I was more expecting the Buccaneers to trade up though. I was in a big one on a draft forum ( if you go to that forum and scroll down to Total Control I was running the Colts in that one. He has spread sheets on googledocs and contracts and its super in depth with cap management - it's an entire mock offseason including FA rounds and ends with the draft. The guy that ran the 49ers and to a lesser extent the Raiders guy completely bombed their teams. If you go back to the main forum then scroll down they have some really good communities for each team, but some teams have very few fans and the discussion is basically dead. Raiders have a lot of fans though. I think the Giants have a good following there too (the guy that ran the mock I was in is a Giants fan).

    Also I agree a lot with Charlie Campbell of this year.

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    If they don't draft a QB or OL I'll be livid.

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    Go Patriots!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KickAssPlaya View Post
    Go Patriots!!
    KAP likes the patriots.

    Shortened version of Patriots is PA

    KAP+ PA = Kappa

    KAP is a troll confirmed.

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