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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimwit View Post
    That was me but was never a mod unfortunately I was active enough to be one but was never offered. I played on legends
    under netjakdim and on banff and army under dim / dimwit had to change back and forth a few times as someone kept stealing
    my ingame at the monthly resets.
    I remember you from Legends. For some reason I thought you were a mod though.

    Nice to see you back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by |AFO| View Post
    Iím sure someone in NJ went to law school. Shoot... Cliche is in law school now.
    I remember for my short moment in NJ back in Legends that the lead who invited me was in Law school. Can't remember him though

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    Wasn't Omegashin lead in legends as well for awhile?

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    Yeah. I'm not sure what beef got in between him and 12, but he suddenly left and created Judgment.

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    Yeah. Frylock became a lawyer.

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    Oh right it was Frylock

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