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    Yesterday, 12:25 AM
    Serge posted a visitor message on Hulky's profile
    Have you seen this ridiculous GME thing? Melvin Capital got greedy shorting GME when it was at $4 and now it is over $150.
  • The Cheat's Avatar
    01-25-2021, 07:24 PM
    The Cheat replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    You had one job packers. One fucking job...
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    01-25-2021, 04:40 PM
    The Butcher posted a visitor message on Wizzy's profile
    Hey man i just saw this, i didn't know i had any messages from you on facebook. I just went there now and see them but it says you're unavailable on messenger. I turned off the notifications because my little nephew wouldn't stop messaging me and...
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    01-25-2021, 04:39 PM
    The Butcher replied to a thread Fight Club in Sports Discussion
    I knew that Poirier was going to be a problem for McGregor, the guy can fight. I spent all of last week watching any of his fights I could find and the dude hits extremely hard and has an iron chin. I didn't get to watch this PPV but i saw the...
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  • The Cheat's Avatar
    01-19-2021, 09:49 PM
    The Cheat replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    Amen I see people saying anyone but packers but I'm like are you fucking kidding? The evil one is still alive. Until he is gone, there is no joy. What is fucking worse is the Superbowl is in Tampa. The host city's team has never made it the...
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  • Burnout278's Avatar
    01-19-2021, 12:30 PM
    Burnout278 replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    I need the Bucs to win. I require the Tom Brady hate to fuel me for the year.
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  • The Cheat's Avatar
    01-18-2021, 08:18 PM
    The Cheat replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    I know. The chance was there to take it all in the fourth, but couldn't do it. Fuck. :( I don't care who wins it all now so long as it isn't the Bucs.
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  • Burnout278's Avatar
    01-17-2021, 01:33 PM
    Burnout278 posted a visitor message on Hulky's profile
    Thanks man. I ended up pulling the borderless and a regular one. I finally got to use him, holy shit was it fun....for me.
  • The Cheat's Avatar
    01-11-2021, 07:53 PM
    The Cheat replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    That is awesome. Troll the ever loving shit out of him. Also let me just say FUCK YOU STEELERS! SUCK ON THAT! WOOO!
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  • Serge's Avatar
    01-10-2021, 12:37 AM
    Serge replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    Man fuck the refs. Clearly favoring the team who will draw way more ratings next week. Two game changing and inexcusabley bad calls both went Brady's way.
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  • Serge's Avatar
    01-10-2021, 12:05 AM
    Serge replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    Haven't been watching enough football this year to make a strong judgement. His measurables are so poor. He's short with mediocre arm strength. But his reads have been flawless this game and he has shown insane ability to avoid pressure and make...
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  • Serge's Avatar
    01-09-2021, 10:05 PM
    Serge replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    If you're not watching the Buccs v Football Team game you might be missing a big story. Washington is starting a guy who was a BACKUP QB in the XFL and he is balling out.
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  • The Cheat's Avatar
    01-06-2021, 08:16 PM
    The Cheat replied to a thread For NFL fans in Sports Discussion
    I mean it was obvious he wanted to tank the game...but hide it a little better that that.
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    That is Joji. He is a singer.
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    No biggie. Something that bothers me, and this is mostly a me issue, is when someone misunderstands me, it's why half of my posts have edits trying to clarify what I am saying. +P
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    That post literally had a clarification that I was talking about a hypothetical middle voter...
  4. I meant to give you positive rep...
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    I miss you
  6. Today I caught myself hating everything and everyone cross my path. I thought about you.
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    Oh. My. God.
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    :thumbs up:
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    Not sure. I would love to work in public interest or academia.
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    I know, I'm sorry. I edited a bunch of gifs from the Batman/Robin/Other Dude laughing gif and posted them as a bunch of replies. I repped you with like 5 of a close-up on that other dude's face laughing, but all played at different speeds. It was pretty cool, and I had been drinking a bit so I thought it was funny. But my dumbass didn't realize the gif editing site doesn't actually host the images and they all expired. Sorry
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    she's back.

    it's a relationship like that
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    i only share all of this with you because I'm sure you can relate and i want you to know there are people out there struggling every day also. glad you are still around friend.

    how have you been?
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    hey man, yes, thank you. my girlfriend said she was going out for coffee and moved to Utah. text me from the plane. Truly thought about suicide but not because I wanted to kill myself, i think that's fucking dumb, but because I couldn't process what was happening i didn't want to be in this space any more. I drove around aimlessly and wound up at my parents. I love my parents but we haven't had a super close relationship since my divorce. i've distanced myself from everyone and smoked pot every day for 3 years. it all came crashing down then i broke down with my parents for like 2 hours. man i fucking cried, like WAILING, for almost 45 minute. I think it was built up for years. i told them about the pot and eveything and they are idiot religious judgemental fucks but they told me how proud they were of me etc etc. it's been a rough week.
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    According to almost everyone here I'm overly sensitive, don't take what I say to the heart too much. Keep doing you, just wanted you to know as much as I like you I can only bite my tongue so hard before I have to stop.
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    You don't have to remove anything or change how you post. We all come here for a reason, I'm not trying to stop you from posting/doing whatever it is that you come here for. We all vent in different ways, I just wish your venting didn't come towards me, but like I said there are so few people here that it isn't really possible to avoid venting in my direction, so it's whatever. I've learned not to get too attached to the people here anymore.
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    I'm going for ranking, partly. Yale is my #1. They take forever to decide. Top schools are fixated on the LSAT/GPA numbers of applicants. I agree it's too long and too complicated.
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    Still waiting to hear back from ranks #1-9.

    It's a long, exhausting wait. I applied in what law schools consider the "early application period."
  20. I just can't hate like you do. I wish I could, you'll have to teach me.
  21. Well look on the bright side. Alabama won and Mantis isn't happy about it.
  22. Just ignore him, man. It's not worth getting mad about.
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    You sure? I think you'd enjoy it
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